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Africans believed their ancestors were not really dead but were around them all the time and it is typical in many african homesteads to find shrines where the ancestors are worshipped even up to now like in Buganda Uganda.

Ancestors would communicate to the living through varouis ways if calamity befell acertain community they would allerge to the fact that the ancestors were annoyed or ignored, appeasing woult take very many forms from music prayer even sacrificing.

they believed they were not really dead

They believed they were responsible for what happened in the spiritual realm

they would consult them through mediums for advise

through naming of their children the names of their ancestors they believed they were reincarnated

good luck was attributted to pleasing of the ancestors

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Who were the ancestors of the Filipinos?

Basically -- Africans, Polynesians, Maylasians, and the Spanish are the ancestors of the Filipinos.

How were ancestors and family important to early Africans?

Ancestors and family were important to early Africans for various reasons. In most cases, the ancestors determined the skills and trade that a family would engage in.

What did the Africans believe about their dead ancestors?

AnswerTheir ancestors weren't really dead they were just around them looking over them in till they walk in the door to their home. The africans believed that they were still an active part of their family that their spirits influenced them to do things that they never experienced before in their life.

Were Michael Jackson's parent pure africans?

No, they had Native American and white ancestors.

Who are Jamaican's ancestors?

West Africans (from Sierra Leone) Ghana or even The Gambia

Were Jesus ancestors black?

The origins of Humanity have been traced back to Africa. So if Africans were the primary people, I guess all our ancestors were black.

Do africans believe in god?

A majority of Africa is either Christian or Muslim. So yes, you can say Africans believe in God.

What did the people of Shinto believe in?

they believe in nature gods and ancestors

Puerto Rico's ancestors?

Puerto Rico's ancestors are the Taino Indians. The people of Puerto Rico are a mix of these indians, the Spanish, and the Africans that were brought to the island as slaves.

How did enslaved africans resist slavery?

They kept alive their musical traditions as well as stories of their ancestors

Do africans believe in Santa Claus?

Many Africans believe in Santa Claus just as many Americans believe in him. Sana Claus help people get excited about Christmas.

Who first and still do believe in deep respect for ancestors?

Mormons have always had deep respect for their ancestors.

Who was the first black people on earth?

The Central Africans, they are said to be the distant ancestors of every human on Earth.

Are African Americans and Africans the same?

African Americans originated from African ancestors, so there is a definite similarity.

Who made African drums?

I believe the Africans did.

How did west African religion similar to the religion of the kalinago and arawak?

It was similar because African religion was based on the worship of ancestors of spirits both good and bad and the Kalinago worshiped their ancestors and nature and believed in evil spirits or as they call it (maboya) the second reason was that the west Africans believed that soul lives on so that the ancestors were always with you just like how the Kalinago believe that the spirit of their ancestors lived on after death to protect them and the Arawaks(Tainos) religious beliefs and songs were about spirits and ancestors and the life of the village.

Where did the native Americans ancestors come from?

Scientist believe the early Native American ancestors came from Asia.

What percentage of Africans believe in Christianity?

87 percent

How did social Darwinism affect European attitudes?

It led Europeans to believe that they were better than Asians and Africans

Where do most kenyans ancestors come from?

i believe that would be Kenya

Why didn't European scholars believe that Africans had built the structures at Great Zimbabwe?

The European scholars didn't believe that the Africans built the structures in Great Zimbabwe because of their racist attitudes.

What countries do your ancestores come from?

My ancestors were American Indians, Africans, Irishmen, Scotch Irish, English, Scotch, German, and French. What were yours?

What is the epistemological problem of African traditional world view?

The epistemological problem of the African world view is only a problem to people who are not Africans themselves. To say that there is a problem is to be unAfrican. What the Africans believe as knowledge is not disputed by Africans because they are of the same epistemology. What the question presupposes is that African knowledge differ from knowledge of other races. Africans know what they know as culture inherited from generation to generation. There is no nation on earth which has not received anything from its ancestors. The fact that Africans continue to live by the knowledge inherited from past generations is proof that their knowledge has no problem. If it had a problem the African race would be extinct.

What do scientists believe the first human feature appear in our your ancestors?


What did the colonial North Carolinians believe?

africans were immune 2 malaria

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