What did the Axis Powers want?

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World domination.

A:The above is a good short answer. Here are some short details. Japan wanted to invade other countries for the use of the petroleum in those countries. This way they could more easily continue their war with China which had be going on for years. Japan wanted to conquer China because Japan wanted to be more European and the europeans had a habit of conquering there neighbors. Read "Fly Boys" by James Bradley.

The Italian dictator wanted power and campaigned to revive the glories of the old Roman Empire by making the Meditrainean (spelling) an Italian lake. Italy was hoping to take advantage of German successes to grab land for itself.

Hitler of Germany wanted to carry out what he believed was the German races's right to rule the world. He believed that he was pre-odained to carry out this mission of world domination. He also thought that the Jews were the reason the German races were not already in control of the world. He blamed the Jews for everything that went bad.


The Chrysanthemum and the Sword sheds light on Japan's motivation for their Imperialism, written by Ruth Benedict, professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, NY. She is an American woman who studied the Japanese culture during WWII, known esp. for her interviewing of Japanese immigrants in her service to the U.S. government. According to Benedict, the Japanese believed their culture to be supreme in the world and saw it as their duty to mankind to spread it throughout the world.

A:The axis powers is a complicated term. The axis powers were a alliance on the paper but they don't worked together. Ok, Italy and Germany fight in North Africa, but the Italians only brought problems to Germany.

Germany want revenge for the dictat of versaille, which was unjustified. And nobod know what Hitler wanted to do. We can only guess ...

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Q: What did the Axis Powers want?
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