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I believe they carried their flight suit, and sometimes a life jacket, commonly called a 'Mae West'. From scenes in the Battle Of Britain film (1970) The pilots had oxygen masks , with radio leads attatched, and goggles, all of which would be readied before going into battle. The pilot would also carry a revolver or pistol, though not all pilots did so. They would carry a parachute for bailing out as well. Maps and other documents were sometimes carried. Of course it varied depending on the mission.

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Q: What did the British pilots always carry with them when they went on missions in World War 2?
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What were the names of Japanese pilots who flew suicide missions in World War 2?

Kamikaze Pilots.

What did World War 2 British pilots call a deck of cards?

The British Pilots As I Remember Were Issued Cards That Had Hidden Maps On Them

What were suicide missions by Japanese pilots in World War 2?

Suicide missions in aviation by Japanese pilots in World War 2 were deliberately flying their aircraft into a ship or another aircraft. The Japanese believed this was a high sign of bravery and loyalty to their country.

What are the kamikazes in World War 2?

Japanese pilots who took on suicide missions to dive into US ships.

What was a WASP in World War 2?

It was an acronym for "Women Airforce Service Pilots". They flew airplanes to the front, freeing up other pilots to fly the dangerous missions.

What group of people benefit from the use of bilberry?

Those who require precise night vision like cab drivers and pilots. During World War II, British and American pilots discovered that eating bilberry jam before night missions greatly improved their night vision.

What role did Mexico play in the US entrance into World War 2?

I do know that the US trained Mexican pilots in Texas. These pilots later flew missions in the South Pacific.

How many pilots were in a World War 2 British squadron?

there were 100,000 RAF (royal air force) pilots in the World War II and 90,000 died in the war

How many british pilots were killed in World War 2?

That would be almost impossible to answer due to the high number of commonwealth and foreign pilots flying in the RAF.

How many pilots are there in the world?

Statistics say that there are 65,000-67,000 pilots world wide. (commercial pilots)

What did the tuskegee airmen do during the world war 2?

The Tuskegee Airmen are some of the most famous pilots in the world. They are famous for being the first African-American pilots to ever fight in combat. They flew in P51 Mustangs and flew missions all over Germany during World War Two.They flew fighter missions to protect US bombers over the south eastern European theatre.

How did the British Commonwealth Air Training Program contribute to World War 2?

the british commonwealth air training program trained pilots to fight in the war.

When were airplanes used as weapons in war?

In World War II the Axis powers turned their airplanes into weapons during Kamikaze missions. The Japanese are the most famous for this. Kamikaze missions were suicide missions, so the pilots flew to a target and aimed their plane to the ground and BOOM. Kamikaze missions were also prevalent in sea battles where one plane could take out an entire ship.

What did RAF Pilots do in World War 2?

Get shot at by German pilots.

Do pilots get any time at home?

They do there are many pilots in the world to do the flights

Were German pilots shot down over England killed?

German pilots who were shot down over Britain in both World Wars became prisoners of war if still alive after crashing or landing. Exactly the same happened to British pilots shot down over Germany.

What was the name of the British World War 2 organisation that did daring missions behind enemy lines?

The British World War II organisation that did daring missions behind enemy lines was Chindits. Chindits were specially trained military soldiers that were deployed deep behind enemy lines during WWII.

What was the kamikaze known for?

Kamikaze pilots in World War 2 were Japanese fighter pilots who took drugs (usually) then flew suicide missions. They would load their planes with explosives and deliberately crash their planes into American battle ships and whatnot, viewing it as a personal sacrifice for the emperor.

Was KamiKaze pilots in World War 1?

No the Japanese Kamikaze pilots were a phenomenon of late World War II.

How Many Airline Pilots in the World?

There is no exact data as to how many airline pilots are in the world. There are an estimated 800,000 in the United States.

How many kamikaze pilots were in world war 2?

There were 2800 Kamikaze pilots killed

What did a pilot do in World War 2?

A pilot flew an air plane in World War 2, but there were many different reasons for the need of pilots; fighter pilots, transport pilots etc.

What has the author Hugh Dundas written?

Hugh Dundas has written: 'Flying start' -- subject(s): Biography, British Aerial operations, British Personal narratives, Fighter pilots, Great Britain, Great Britain. Royal Air Force, World War, 1939-1945 'Flying start' -- subject(s): Great Britain. Royal Air Force, British Personal narratives, British Aerial operations, Great Britain, World War, 1939-1945, Fighter pilots, Biography

Did they have radars in World War 2?

Yes but it was kept secret at the time. The British put it around that their pilots could see in the dark because they ate carrots.

What was the actual side arm issued by the army to P47 Thunderbolt pilots during world war 2?

S14-Russian/British 44 caliber revolver!!!