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  • A railway joining British Columbia to Canada, to be begun within two years of the date of union (July 20, 1871) and to be finished within 10 years.
  • Payment of the colony's debt of over $1 000 000.
  • An annual subsidy to the province of $35 000 and a yearly grant of 80 cents per person until the population reached 400 000.
  • British Columbia to have control of government-owned public land (Crown lands), as in the four original provinces.
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The canadian goverment promised B.C a cross railroad.

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Q: What did the Canadian government promise British Columbia for joining confederation?
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What were the disadvantages of british Columbia joining confederation?

some people in British Columbia supported the idea because they wanted more control over their government. British Columbia had the advantage that if they would join the confederation the Canadian government would make them a railway from Nova Scotia to British Columbia

What province almost left confederation when progress on the Canadian pacific railway slowed down?

British Columbia.

When did British Columbia joined the confederation?

The colony of British Columbia joined Confederation on July 20 1871.

What were the three choices open to the colony of British Columbia in 1870-71?

British Columbia had three possible choices:British Columbia could remain a British colony.British Columbia could join the United States.British Columbia could join the Canadian Confederation (Canada).(Courtesy of Oxford Canadian History: Flashback Canada Fourth Edition)

When did British Columbia admitt to a confederation?

British Columbia joined Confederation on July 20, 1871.

When did British Columbia join confederation?

British Columbia Joined confederation on July 20th 1871July 20th 1871

What were the three choices open to the colony of british Columbia in 1870-1871?

The three choices open to the colony of british columbia in 870-1871 were that British Columbia could remain a British colony, the colony could join the united states and that British columbia could join the canadian confederation.

What provinces were added to the Dominion of Canada in 1871?

Only one province joined the Canadian Confederation in 1871 and that was British Columbia, previously a British colony.

What is the westernmost Canadian province?

British Columbia is the westernmost Canadian province.

When did Manitoba and British Columbia join Confederation?

Manitoba joined Confederation July 15, 1870. British Columbia joined Confederation July 20, 1871.

Where is British Columbia geographically located?

British Columbia is located in the middle of paradise , on the west coast of Canada .

In which Canadian province does the Columbia river have its source-quebec or british Columbia?

The Columbia River originates in British Columbia