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Women must be humble.Men are superiour.

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What are the Chinese charactars for wife?

According to my class history book, they are Woman and Broom.

How do you spell woman in Chinese?

Woman in Chinese would be 女人

When was The Chinese Woman created?

The Chinese Woman was created on 1994-10-13.

First Chinese woman to win an Oscar?

I bevlieve no Chinese woman has won an Oscar.

How did woman in the Zhou dynasty make silk cloth?

According to the chinese traditions, they were made out of silkworns and its eggs

What is every thing i need to marry a Chinese woman?

What is your Chinese woman need. Give her what she needs. Chinese women are different.

What is a Chinese woman's role in a family?

A Chinese woman will raise children and do what her husband wants her to do. The traditional Chinese woman is submissive typically.

How do you say old woman in Chinese?

In Simplified Mandrin Chinese, old woman (媪)is Ao.

What is the average weight of a Chinese woman 5'4?

125 pounds according to ALVANON (global size and fit expert).

Is there Chinese woman married a Filipino man?

yes some chinese woman married a filipino man

Did Chinese women have rights?

No Chinese woman didn't have rights.

Are Chinese woman smaller than American woman?


How do you win the heart of a Chinese woman?

Bring her lots of Chinese food.

How tall do Chinese get?

The height for a typical Chinese woman is 5'3 to 5'8.

What does it mean when you dream of a Chinese woman breaking into your house and not being able to shout out?

This dream suggests that for some reason you have negative feelings toward any vague "Chinese woman" or Asian females in general. The image of a "Chinese woman" represents anyone who is "foreign," "alien," or who seems threatening by being different from yourself. Breaking into your house suggests that you feel intruded upon, or violated in some way. The widespread propaganda about "Chinese" workers stealing American jobs or violating your rights in some way might easily trigger such dreams.

How were woman valued in chinese society?

Traditional Chinese society and culture was male dominated. A woman was regarded as a subordinate to her father, husband and son.

What is the Latin root word for toward?

Toward in Latin is ad. Ex Femina ad via ambulo (The woman walked toward the house)

Chinese woman character?


How old does a Chinese woman have to be to get married?


When is a woman most likely to have a boy?

The choice doesn't lie in the woman but in the man's sperm BUT (according to where you ask) the Chinese birth chart can tell you, if you calculate the woman's lunar age and the lunar month (not the same as ours).

What does kelley mean in Chinese?

I am not sure it has a Chinese meaning,but in Irish it means 'Warrior Or Warrior-Woman'.

How do you say woman in Chinese?

NV REN. in Pinyin.

How do you attract a Chinese woman?

Find out what she likes. Do what she likes.

Can a Chinese woman travel to the US?

Yes, if she has a passport.

What is the Chinese symbol for woman?


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