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In the 1930s dictators seized control in many countries but not?

Countries in Europe which did not have dictators were the Northern European countries, United Kingdom, the Mediterranean Countries, Switzerland, some of the Eastern European countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and others.

Nickname for eastern Europe countries supported by USSR?

The countries which had been seized by the USSR are called the Eastern Bloc.

What European country controlled Jamaica?

Jamaica was originally colonized by Spain, but was later seized by the English (then becoming a British colony).

Which US ship was seized by pirates in North Africa when Jefferson was President?

USS Philadelphia - I have the assignment you probably have. A crossword puzzle.

In World War 2 who were the Allies fighting against?

In the European theater the "Big Three", United States, Russia and United Kingdom and other countries fought against Germany and the countries he basically seized. The axis consisted of Germany, Austria, The Rhineland, Hungary, (Poland was seized but many free Poles in England fought with the Allies), Italy, France, Checkoslovakia, some North African countries, Japan, and other smaller countries in Europe. The United States, Russia, Australia, China and many other smaller nations fought Japan in the Pacific theater. In reality, in Europe we were fighting against Hitler and his megalomania-cal dreams.

Can you give me seized in a sentence?

The engine has seized up! Pirates have seized the port!

Which countries did Germany attack in 1938?

In March of 1938 he bloodlessly seized Austria and later in 1938 he demanded the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. At a conference arranged in Sept. 1938 the Western European democracies betrayed Czechoslovakia by giving in the Hitler giving him the Sudetenland. They thought this would bring peace.

What is a homophone for seized?

sized is the homophne of seized

Who was the German protectorate in West Africa until 1992?

There seems to be confusion here. Germany lost of its overseas colonies during World War 1. It sounds as if you are thinking of Namibia, which was German South-West Africa from 1885-1914, when it was seized by South Africa.

Who does property that has been seized belong to?

The question doesn't include enough information. "Seized" by who (what agency) for what reason (evidence - forfeiture - safekeeping - etc) ? If it was seized as contraband and seized for forfeiture it will become the property of whatever agency that seized it. If it was seized as evidence of a crime, it will be returned to the victim/complainant after the trial is over.

What does the Latin word prehendar mean?

"I will be seized" or "Let me be seized".

When was Mauritius seized by the British?

It was seized by the British from The French in 1810

What did Itialy take over during World War 2?

the Italians seized North Africa for a small time and took over a Greek island with the Germans.

Will a seized engine crank at all?

No. If it did crank over it wouldn't be seized.

Which word means nearly the same as seized?

A synonym for seized is grabbed.

How many times was the tower of london seized?

It has never been seized.

What is a sentence with the word seize?

Police Seized my truck. Illegal assets must be Seized.

What country did America seized control of in the 1850s?

Nicaragua. WIlliam Walker took control unsuccessfuly for 1 month before surrounding countries disposed of him.

Which European country controlled the Philippines in 1914?

No European country controlled the Philippines in 1914. Spain controlled the Philippines until the Spanish-American War in 1898. After this, the United States controlled the Philippines until Japan seized them during World War II.

What do you look for in a seized engine?

Piston seized to cylinder wall Broken Crankshaft

What five countries were seized by Stalin and the Soviet Union?

Stalin partnered with Hitler and annexed Poland and Romania. He quickly followed with domination of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Which statements best represents a counterclaim to the claim made in this passage?

Communist groups often seized control over countries through unpopular and violent means.

How were Pharaohs chosen in ancient Egypt?

The pharaoh was the eldest son of the previous pharaoh. However, in rare occasions, other people seized the throne (eg. Hatshepsut). Also, other countries such as Nubia or Greece sometimes seized control and put one of their people on the throne (eg. Ptolemy).

What is the meaning of seized?

Seized means to grasp suddenly and forcibly, to take or grab by force.

How do you use the word seized in a sentence?

The bank seized our property after we missed three payments.