What did the Europeans take to Jamaica?


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Law and Order and civility among many other great accomplishments!


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The Africans came to Jamaica by slave ships in the triangular trade which is from Europe- England to West Africa to the Caribbean- Jamaica. They were brought to the Caribbean by the Europeans.

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Africans were brought to Jamaica to be used as slaves by the Europeans, much like they did in the US. With them they brought their culture, dance and music.

A flight from London, UK --> Kingston, Jamaica will take about 10 hours.

To the toilet like americans and europeans do. Yes they have MODERN HOUSES too.

Iroquois had war with the Europeans because Europeans wanted to take their lands.

The first Europeans to colonize Jamaica were the Spanish in 1494, when Columbus claimed Jamaica for Spain. However, the Spanish were evicted by the British in 1655. To this day, Jamaica's official language is still English. Jamaica is also a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

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No Jamaica is actually a Caribbean island and though a large percentage of its population is of African decent it is very racial diverse with a large number of east Indians, Chinese and Europeans.

The flight time from Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago is: 2 hours, 55 minutes

New Jersey to Jamaica about 4 hours...by air....obviously

A marriage license can be procured in 24 hours in Jamaica.

You can easily take a cruie to jamaica, but first you must be in one of the states along the gulf of mexico, and then you can easily hop on a boat to take a tour.

Jamaicans are a mix of Africans and Europeans and sometimes also Asian people. And they are born in Jamaica.

A flight from St. Louis, Missouri --> Barbados, Jamaica will take approximately 6 hours.

3 hours and 41 minutes to get to Montego Bay Jamaica

Of course. From any JFK terminal, take AirTrain to Jamaica. At Jamaica, take any Mauntauk Branch train. There are about 6 trains per day from Jamaica to the Hamptons.

The Jamaican Maroons had a lot of manpower to help the british army in a war against the spanish to take Jamaica

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A flight from London, England, to Jamaica would take 9 hours and 55 minutes. The distance between London and Jamaica is about 7,572 kilometers.

All over the Caribbean Sea. However, there are no direct flights from Mexico to Jamaica, so you would have to take a flight to either Miami or Dallas-Fort Worth and then take another flight to Kingston, Jamaica.

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