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the 8 people who lived in the annexe always had veggies and some form of meat but only enought to feed 3 people,

for Christmas miep gies (one of the people who helped hide them) brought them a cake that she had made for them the scraps were give to peters cat of there were any not that there was much

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What did Anne Frank and her family eat while hiding in the secret annex?

They only had a few choices, but they usually ate potatoes and canned vegetables.

What foods could the frank family eat while in the secret annex?

They had rotten potatoes, lots of lettuce turned into spinach, government flour, cakes, different fruits, hot cereal.

What did the residents of the secret annex have to eat less?

The residents of the secret annexe have to eat less candidies and bras and boobs

What did Anne Frank's family eat for breakfast?

the frank family ate dry bread and coffee for breakast (in the secret annexe)

What food did Anne Frank eat in the annex?

Anne Frank and her family ate rotten fruits and veggies. They boiled them to kill off some of the bacteria. They also had beans very often and that was it. Reference: Diary of Anne Frank

What did the frank family eat in hiding?

Potatoes mainly

What did Anne Frank eat in the secret annex?

The diet was very heavy on potatoes, and whatever was in season or available. Anne writes dismally of the main course for days on end being kale, or lettuce. Generally, it got more bland and skimpy as time went on.

What did the frank family eat?

they ate what ever they could find like mice!

What were the living conditions for Anne Frank while hiding in the secret annex?

The "Secret Annex" was clean, and had all sorts of furniture, and there was a kitchen with running water, and a bathroom. Although the quarters were pleasant enough (excepting the fact that 8 people lived in the relatively small space), there were a multitude of unpleasant things about the lifestyle there, some of which were physically unpleasant, but most of which were emotionally or psychologically unpleasant. Although they had a bathroom, there was no bathtub in the "Secret Annex." Thus, they had to use washtubs in order to bathe. Because the "Secret Annex" was in the upper part of an office building, and only some of the employees were trustworthy enough to be allowed in on the fact that people were hiding there, all of the people in the "Secret Annex" had to stay completely silent (which meant they couldn't whisper, walk, or use the bathroom) during business hours. Because of the economic problems during World War II, they almost exclusively ate monotonous and inexpensive bulk foods, such as potatoes, green beans, kidney beans, and spinach. They rarely even had butter. Sometimes, they had no choice but to eat partially rotten foods (once they had rotten lettuce, and other times they had to rub the mold off of beans so that they could eat the beans). There were rats in the attic. To handle this, they had two cats, but the cats had fleas. Because eight people lived constantly in the confined quarters of the "Secret Annex," there were continual quarrels, which weakened morale. They obviously could never go outside (even for a moment), during the over 2 years while they were in hiding. Those who hid in the "Secret Annex" lived in almost constant fear that they would be found or ratted out to the Gestapo (German Secret Police), and then be sent to concentration camps. There were 3 burglaries to the building where the "Secret Annex" was located. This put them in terrible fear, because if the burglars found them, or if the police who came to inspect afterward found them, they would be sent to a concentration camp.

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How did Anne Frank eat while in hiding?

In her diary, Anne Frank addresses the problem of food while her family is in hiding. Sometimes they went for periods of time--food cycles, she called them--when all they had to eat was one particular dish or vegetable every day, including endive, spinach, kohlrabi, cucumbers, salsify, tomatoes, and sauerkraut.

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What does frank eat in the Judy Moody series?


What did Anne Frank eat and drink?

Anne Frank eat potatoes beans bread strawberries cabbage soup vegetables and more. I'm not sure what she drank but you can search it up

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What did Anne Frank usually eat?

what ever they could while in hiding, Miep worked for Otto Frank and she got what she could for them

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