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What did the Indians call Gandhi?

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Indians view Gandhi : due to his contribution in the gaining independence from the British, as " The Father of the nation" .

Hence he is reffered to as "Bapuji" or " Bapu" ( Father in Hindi )

He is also sometimes reffered to as "Mahatma" ( Great in Hindi )

2007-12-15 12:35:59
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Q: What did the Indians call Gandhi?
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What did Indians call MK Gandhi?

The Indians Called Gandhi...Gandhi's real name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Indians call him Mahatma Gandhi and also call him Bapu(Father).

Are mahatma Gandhi and Mohandas Gandhi the same person?

Yes, he was originally named Mohandas Ghanhi, but later on Indians had begun to call him Mahatma, which means "great soul".

What did Gandhi accomplish?

Gandhi Accomplished gaining rights for all indians in south africa.

Indians called Gandhi what?

Mahatma or Bapu.

What did gandhi do when millions of Indians no longer had work?

He did it

Who is mahatam Gandhi?

He is father of nation for indians

What did Gandhi do to change the lives of Indians?

gandhi had died a long time ago and he didnt return

What group did Mohandas gandhi lead?

He lead the indians

Did mathma gandhi have chindren?

All indians are his childrens...

What did they call Gandhi?

Mohandas Gandhi Known as 'Mahatma' (great soul)

When did Gandhi fast?

Gandhi fasted many times but most of all when Indians used violence as a form of protest

How did Mohandas Gandhi become a leader?

They Rise Nationalism of Indians

How many Indians were in Ambulance unit of mahatma gandhi?


Why did Gandhi wear a dhoti?

As a gesture of unity with poorer Indians

What did Gandhi try to change for the Indian people?

gandhi tried to help indians free from the british rule in a non violent way.

Did Gandhi encourage Indians to stop buying British goods?

Yes, Gandhi did encourage Indians to NOT buy British goods because it was too expensive in the olden days when India was under the British rule.

What was Gandhi trying to achieve?

Gandhi tried to bring rights to the Indians in South Africa. Indians faced discrimination in South Africa because they had a dark skin colour, so Gandhi tried to stop this discrimination against the Indian. Gandhi tried to free India from the British Empire, as well as settling peace between the Hindus and the Muslims.

What do the Indians call Santa Claus?

what do indians call father christmas

What would Gandhi call the untouchables?


What were Gandhi's values?

Gandhi was a man of values... Believed by so many indians & some people in the world. But the fact remains that Gandhi was a selfish.

What did Gandhi do for India?

he pretty much led India to Independence. Gandhi also helped India by not letting the British take over the Indians.

What are the principles of gandhi that led Indians freedom?


What was written on the train why did gandhi get angry?

It was written that Indians and dogs are not allowed in the train.

Why did gandhi think that helping the untouchables was especially important for Indians?

because he is gay

Name 2 famous Indians?

Mahatma Gandhi Srinivasa Lyengar Ramanujan