What did the Indians think of the transcontinental railroad?

Some of the more aggresive Native American tribes attacked the people (mostly Chinese imigrants) who were building the Transcontinental Railroad. They mainly did this due to the fact that this was cutting through their land, which the British had tried to keep for them during the British colonial reign. One Indian chief begged for them to stop killing theirbuffalo for no reason. I'm not entirely sure if that fact from the previous author was true but it is true that the US government didn't care much about the Indians. If you're looking for proof of this you can search the Trail of Tears; which was basically an act by the US government that forced all the Indians from the Florida region to move to a designated area and ended up killing thousands of Indians. I also do not know what the previous author meant by the Indians were happy because they could living in their homes but most Indians were unhappy and chose to fight back because of this.

There was also some Indians that chose to comply to the US and basically did what ever they were told. The US still didnt' take much pity and treated the peaceful Indians the same way as the volient ones. This is mostly due to the generalizations the Colonial Americans made that all Indians were bad. This is a little contradictory though on Colonial America's behalf due to the fact we praise Lewis and Clark for starting the trek west and they couldn't have done it with out Sacajawea (Probably spelled incorrectly.)