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They fortified Malta to help protect from Turkey.

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Knights of St. John or Knights of Malta as they are also called they stayed in Malta for over 200 years and basically developed the health care by building numerous hospitals, improved the education in Malta and built entire Valletta. They did a lot of work in Malta and there is a lot to learn about them.

the knights of Malta are the st.john cavillers which saved Malta and no they died about a hundred years ago

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The Knights of St. John were a group of knights that in 1530 were given Malta by the roman emperor Charles V. They fled Malta when Malta was attacked by Napoleon on June 9 ,1798

in 1530 Charles V ('Holy Roman Emperor') gave Malta to the Knights of St. John. The Knights left in 1798 after Malta was attacked by Napoleon.

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That depends on what Knights you are talking about. Are you talking about the medieval Knights in each Kingdom, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar? You are going to have to be a little more specific to get a meaningful answer.

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as a pit stop in the middle of the ocean.

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The Knights of Malta or Knights Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem were a western military order during the Middle Ages. Founded in 1099 in Jerusalem. It is the worlds oldest surviving chivalric order. Headquarters in Palazzo Malta in Rome. The motto is Protecting the Roman Catholic Church and serving those in need.

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The St Johns of Jerusalem Knights of Malta foundation of the Philippines has locations all over the world. The international headquarters are located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

It may refer to "Knights of Malta", a purportedly christian group.

The knights of St. Johns. St. Paul's Shipwreck The Mediterranean sea

No, they were a catholic military order, similar to Templars or Knights of Malta. Official name of Teutonic Knights is Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem.

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Roman Catholic AnswerSpeak to your priest about the Knights of Columbus or the Knights of Malta. Ask where the nearest local chapter is, and see if there is a member you know who will sponsor you.

The Knights of St. John won the Great siege of Malta

The knights fortified and enhanced their new domain and made the Italian language an official one. Because of the ongoing Crusade, the Knights' main task was to provide medical assistance. They built numerous hospitals and their eight-pointed cross, is still used as a symbol by many first aid organizations today.source:

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