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What did the Mexican soldiers call the American troops during the Mexican American war?

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They called American troops "Gringos"

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Why did some American troops oppose the Mexican War

Approximately 360,000 Union troops and 258,000 Confederate troops died during the American Civil War.

There were a couple different Battles of Vera Cruz but you probably mean the one in 1847 during the Mexican-American War, when the American troops were led by General Winfield Scott.

about 180 texans and 2,400 mexican troops

American Troops had taken their Capital city.

Approximately 360,000 Union troops and 258,000 Confederate troops died during the American Civil War.

There were many African American troops in the US Civil War. By 1865, one in ten Union Soldiers was African American. An estimated 40,000 African Americans died in the war.

During World War I, the arrival of American troops did in fact affect the spirit of the British, French, and other allied troops in Europe in 1917 and beyond. In general, the optimism, the energy, and the passion of the American soldiers, as well as their effectiveness in battle, lifted the spirits of the soldiers who had already been fighting the Central Powers for several long, difficult years.

There were 4,500 Mexican soldiers against 6,040 French troops.

Approximately 164,000 Confederate soldiers died from disease and other non-combat causes during the American Civil War. Dysentery alone killed 50,000 confederate troops.

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led Mexican troops into Texas in 1836.

During Valley Forge the soldiers did not have any blankets. The troops lacked decent food, clothing, and shelter. Most of the men didn't have blankets shoes, and shirts.

In the North American French & Indian War, Native American & French soldiers fought British colonists and English troops.

Stephen Kearny was the first to lead troops into Mexican territory during the war. John D. Sloat led a fleet behind him for military reinforcement.

The American troops were better equipped

as of 4 July 2010, alltogether 1896 coalition troops have died in Afghanistan; out of them 1152 American troopsAbout 13,108 soldiers.

It was caused by US Cavalry troops bumping into a large force of encamped Mexican Army soldiers in the area known as the Neuces Strip. Shots were fired and men died in what is known as the Thornton Affair.

The Mexican government sent soldiers to restore order and American settlers under Austin helped the Mexican troops due to their conflict with the leader of the fredonian rebellion Haden Edwards.

Many of the US Troops were recent immigrants.

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