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What did the Normans do in the Battle of Stamford Bridge?


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The Normans had nothing to do at the Battle Of Stamford Bridge. They took advantage of the weakened state of Harold's army when they invaded a fortnight later.


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The Normans weren't even there. Harold beat the Norwegians under Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge.

There were no Normans at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Stamford Bridge was a battle between the forces of King Harold II of England and the Norwegian invader Harold Hardrada.

the Normans won and the loser (the vikings ) was killed


no the battle of hastings came ofter the battle of stamford bridge

Was lead by Harold I after he had won the battle of Stamford Bridge against Tostig and Harald Hadraada. He then lost to the Normans and William the Conquerer became King.

The battle of Stamford Bridge commenced on 25th September 1066.

Battle of Stamford Bridge happened on 1066-09-25.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge ended in 1066, the same year as the battle of Hastings.

The vikings were not involved in the battle of Hastings. After the attack at Stamford bridge up north, the vikings went back home. it was only the Saxons and the Normans who were involved. The Normans were however descended from Viking invaders of France, "Nor-th-men", and the battle of Stamford Bridge certainly softened up Harold's Anglo-Saxons for Hastings.

21000 men were killed at the battle of stamford bridge

why the nomans won the battle of hastings was because harolds army got tired from fighting the vikings at stamford bridge so the normans killed the English troops and took over

The English (who had been camped waiting for the Normans [or French] to invade) raced up to fight the Viking force that had invaded England in the north. The English won, and then had to leg it down the the battle of Hastings as the Normans had invaded whilst the English were fighting up at Stamford Bridge. The Normans then beat the English at the battle of Hastings (the one made famous for the arrow to the eye of King Harrold - although it was probably horsemen that killed him)

The battle of Stamford bridge took place three weeks before the battle of Hastings.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The Battle of Stamford Bridge was fought on September 25 in 1066 and lasted one day.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge was important because it was one of the two battles which was deciding a new king.

Against the Vikings at the Battle of Stamford Bridge

Harold Hardrada was defeated and killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Therefore he didn't participate in the Battle of Hastings.

no he was in the battle of Stamford bridge

Stamford, but it's a town not a city.

The battle of Stamford Bridge was on 25th of September 1066 and Harold Godwinson won And Harold Hadrada Lost !

The Battle of Stamford Bridge, which took place on September 25, 1066, was fought between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Norway. The English won the battle.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge happened in a large village on the river Derwent in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, approximately 9 miles to the east of York. The village is called Stamford Bridge.

Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire

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