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Today, Chinese use pottery. They also make different sculptures with clay, the same thing they used back then.

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How did Shang Dynasty use the mandate of heaven to explain is removal of the Shang Dynasty?

they didnt

What technology did the shang dynasty use?

The shang dynasty used technology such as bronze, pottery, and sculptures!

What was the Shang Dynasty in china and what did it use to communicate?

A dynasty and it used messangers

What dynasty was the first group in China to use written records?

The Shang Dynasty

What do the Shang Dynasty and the Han dynasty?

What's up you should use!

What item did the Shang Dynasty use as a currency?


What dynasty began using bronze and advanced the use of bronze?

What dynasty began using bronze and advanced the use of bronze It was the Shang Dynasty.

What did the Shang Dynasty use for religious ceremonies?

not so sure

What did the Shang Dynasty use for money?

Cowrie Shells on a string.

Why did the Shang Dynasty use the ideas of Confucianism?

'cause they felt like it

Which dynasty was the first group in China to use written records?


What product invented during China's Han Dynasty is still in use around the world?

Paper is the invention made by the Han Dynasty that we still use today.

What religion did the Shang Dynasty use?

Ancestor and spirit worshiping cult (

Did the people in the Shang Dynasty use any subsistence strategies?

wooden dols

How did priests in the Shang Dynasty use tortoise shells to predict the future?

your mom did.

What did the Shang Dynasty accomplish?

The Shang Dynasty accomplished four main things in effecting today's Chinese culture. 1)They developed and origionated what is now known today as Chinese manuscript 2)The Shang also passed down the political system known as a heirarchy. 3)The Shang Dynasty excisted during China's bronze age, and so they passed on Bronze Technology. 4)Lastly, the use of chariot and bronze weapons in warfare, was also passed down to the Chinese.

Dynasty was the first group in China to use written records?

Shang dynasty,you should be happy it is right)

What dynasty is know for being the first to use math in china in what century?

11th century B.C.E With Shang and Zhou dynasty

What are facts about the zhou dynasty?

The Zhou Dynasty contributed to the use of iron.said to have created the Mandate Heaven.Defeated the Shang Dynasty.Immortal at about 3000 BCE.

What did the Shang use to ask the ancestors for advice?

The Shang Dynasty used oracle bones to ask the ancestors for advice, if you found one they came in questions and were buried

How do you use the zhou dynasty in a sentence?

The Zhou Dynasty occurred right after the Shang Dynasty, and just before the Qin Dynasty.You are not older than the Zhou Dynasty!The Chinese people developed advanced procedures of bronze-ware making during the Zhou Dynasty.

Who was the first ruler of Shang Dynasty?

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Where does the Chinese number system originate?

The Chinese number systems derived from the number systems that were in use in the Shang Dynasty.

What religion did the Chou dynasty use?

its not really stated but they worship Shang-Ti known as the supreme god and the spirits of heaven and their ancestors.

What advantages did the Shang have that enabled them to build an empire in china?

The ancient Shang Dynasty operated at a very high level of civilization and had the earliest examples of Chinese writing. The Shang society was mainly agricultural with knowledge and use of animal husbandry. They were also known to practice human sacrifice.

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