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What did the Shoshone trade with the other Indians?


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the shoshone traded with other tribes to meat their needs

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they traded bannanas bread awesomw sauce

did the shoshone indians farm

The Shoshone Indians got their food in much the same way as other people. These people were hunters and gatherers.

the shoshone Indians live in tipis.

the shoshone Indians were known for hunting

The Shoshone Indians played

Yes they did. For horses so they could travel.

What are the Shoshone Indians methods of transportation?

No, they were Indians too.The Indians were from an enemy tribe of the Shoshone Indians.

There are around 1200 Shoshone indians today.

they gave Lewis and clark horses intrade for guns and weapons

The shoshone indians help the expedition because Sacagawea was the chief's sister,

The Shoshone natives lived in teepes

shoshone Indians used flowers ,grass and tree bark to decorate their teepees

The Shoshone Indians were known to live in tall, cone-shaped buffalo-hide houses known as teepees. The Western Shoshones, who did not hunt as much as the other Shoshone tribes, built less portable wickiup homes.

The Shoshone were called the Snake Indians as they mostly lived in and around the Snake River Valley.

There are Some shoshone indians still living today but not as common as in the 1700's

Yes, they did! -They are known to have linguistic links with other tribes, such as the Paiute People(s). They may well have had trade-relations with the Chumash People of the California coastal region.

Shoshone Idians hunted buffalo, fish and rabbits

The Shoshone Indians traded Lewis and Clark horses, and they led the expedition over the Rocky Mountains!

Shoshone Indians weren't educated. They learned by watching their ancestors hunt, fish, clean, and more.

the shoshone Indians lived in Utah, Nevada, Colorado California Idaho. they lived in tepees an moved around their religion is the ghost dance religion. the shoshone are great.

The Shoshone Indians are of the Uto-Atzecan linguistic stock and occupied territory in California, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, with most of them settled in Idaho.

Shoshone Indians in Scalp Dance - 1903 was released on: USA: February 1903

They traded with other Southern Plains Indians.

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