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they ate wild rice ,duck ,deer , elk ,berries, and other woodland plants ,animals ,and birds

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Q: What did the Sioux eat?
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What did the Sioux tribe eat?

the Sioux tribe eat buffalo

What do the Sioux tribe eat now?

the sioux eat the same food as me and you

What kind of food did Sioux eat?


How did the Sioux eat bison heart?

With their mouths.

What else does Sioux tribes do with buffalos?

eat them

What did the Yankton -Sioux people eat?

the yankton sioux people ate fish and deer etc.....

What fruits did Sioux eat?

they atepapaya,starfruit,guava

What kind of food did the Sioux people eat?


What nuts did the Sioux Indians eat?

good nuts

What types of food do the Sioux eat?

The Sioux are now a modern American people who eat eggs, hamburgers and delicious salads just like Americans of other dissent.

What do the Sioux Indians eat nowadays?

Sioux members eat mainly the same diet as non-tribe people of their region. Sioux people also may eat some of the traditional foods (bison, deer, elk, fish, berries, native turnips, wild grain, etc.) especially for holidays and celebrations.

What kind of meat did the Sioux eat?

the Sioux eat buffalo ,antelope, core ,beans ,Potatos ,spinach, Prarie Turnps ,Cherris ,berries and ,plums <33 hope u like it <333333

What meat did the Sioux tribe eat?

What they ate was buffalo, bear, deer, antelope, turkey, and hens. They shared the food with the whole Sioux family.

Weapons and tools of the Sioux Indians?

Eat the pudding its always pudding

Did Sioux Indians eat pie?

The Sioux Indians were known for eating a wide variety of different meat pies. The meat came from the game they hunted.

Did the Sioux Indians eat cornbread?

The Sioux did eat meat like buffalo and elk, but they didn't do agriculture very much because they got horses, but they could have did some gardens in the summer and yes they did eat cornbread along with potatoes, and certain kinds of fruit.

How did the Sioux get the food to eat?

Some would hunt while others gathered.

How do you spell Sioux in the Sioux language?


What kind of berries did the Sioux Indians eat?

they ate plums and choke cherries and berries.

Which is bigger Sioux city or south Sioux city?

Sioux City

What is the plural of Sioux?

The plural form of Sioux is Sioux.

Who did the Sioux trade with?

they Sioux traded with other people and Sioux.

What did the Sioux Indians eat?

The Sioux were opportunistic hunter gatherers, like most other Native American tribes. To translate, they ate what they could hunt, catch, farm or pick - Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Cherries and potatoes just to name a few. The Sioux Indians used to eat the buffalo that the men hunted and the women cooked over a fire. All parts of the buffalo were used: None was wasted. A buffalo tongue was a delicacy for the Sioux Indians.

How do you use Sioux in a sentence?

We powwow with the Sioux tomorrow. Let's go visit the Sioux. That is a Sioux headdress.

How many tribes are there in South Dakota?

There are nine federally recognized Native American tribes in South Dakota: Cheyenne River Sioux Crow Creek Sioux Flandreau Santee Sioux Lower Brule Sioux Oglala Sioux Rosebud Sioux Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Standing Rock Sioux Yankton Sioux