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What did the Tea Act put a tax on?

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Actually, nothing was taxed by the Tea Act. It permitted the East India Tea Company to ship tea directly from China to the Colonies. It was the Stamp Act that placed taxes on tea and other things.

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What was the tea act sugar act stamp act?

the tea act was a tax on imported british tea the sugar act was a tax on molasses the stamp act was a tax on paper goods and stamps

What Act resulted in the Boston Tea Party?

the tea act resulted in th Boston Tea Party. great Britain put a tax on tea and the colonists got mad and dumped the tea

What did the townshend act put tax on?

lead, glass, paints, paper, and tea.

What did the Tea Act do to or for the colonists?

It put a tax on tea and made th price higher but was also a lower from the molasses act which had just beeen cancled.

What do the Tea Act and the stamp act have in common?

the stamp act was to tax on any paper items from the postal services such as stamps and the tea act was the tax on tea so people would have to pay for the tea

What did the Tea Act require of the colonists?

Required a tax on tea

Did the stamp act document have a stamp?

yes but the stamp act was an act put into place to tax things such as newspapers, tea, playing cards, etc.

What did Tea Act tax?

The tea act didn't actually tax anything. It stated that the colonists could only buy tea from the East India Tea Company. The Townshend act placed a tax on tea and some of the colonists other every day item such as glass, paper, paint, and lead.

What is the name of the tax on cloth and tea?

The Tea Act.Hope this helped :)

What is the stap act?

The Stamp Act was a tax that the British put on imports of Tea to the American colonies. It was one of the reasons for the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

How did the Tea Act happen?

The British East India Company went into deep financal trouble and couldn't sell it's tea. Parliament put a tax on the tea for the colonies.

What is the difference in the Townsend Act and The Stamp Act?

The Townshend Act put taxes on goods, like tea, glass, lead, and paints, that are imported from Britain. The Stamp Act put a tax on anything that is printed on paper.

What resulted in the Boston Tea Party?

they put tax on tea!!(:

What British tax remained after Townshend act were repealed?

The Tea Act

Were tax on tea reasonable?

the british put tax on tea cause the colonists were being violent

What happened to the price of the tea after the passing of the Tea Act?

The tax was lower I think

What did the Tea Act require colonial tea merchants to buy?

Tax stamp

How was the stamp act different from the Tea Act?

the stamp act was a tax on paper products

How did the tax act affect tea merchants?

The tea merchants weren't able to smuggle good because of this act.

Which act imposed a tax on tea?

The Townshend Acts.

What was the significance of the tea act?

The Tea Act placed another tax on tea, and gave its parent company a tax break. The colonists were already feeling controlled and burdened by the British, and this was essentially the last straw.

What act included the tax that resulted in the Boston Tea Party?

The Stamp Act.

What British tax remained after the Townsend Act were repealed?

What did the Tea Act of 1773 do

What was the cause for the Tea Act?

If u mean the Boston tea party it was because of tea tax. If you mean the tax on tea it was to pay off debts from the French and Indian war

What founding fathers didn't support the whiskey tax and why?

it was not the whiskey tax, i was the tea tax (stamp act)

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