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What did the US do about the communist coup d'etat in Czechoslovakia?

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There was actually little the US could do about the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia. Diplomatic relations remained and the relationship was cordial for the length of the communist regime.

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Q: What did the US do about the communist coup d'etat in Czechoslovakia?
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Us armed forces invaded which country in 1983 to prevent a coup de detat-kuwait or Grenada?


What action should the US have taken when the communist coup d'etat happened in Czechoslovakia in Feb 1948 according to the Truman Doctrine?

According to the Truman Doctrine, the United States should have done something about the incident. Truman believed that it was the place of the United States to support people who are being subjugated.

What leader led a coup to oust the Communists from power in the US?

No one. The Communists have never been in power in the US. There has also never been a coup in the US.

Why is Czechoslovakia no longer considered a member of the US?

Czechoslovakia was never considered to be part of the US. Czechoslovakia has not existed since it became two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 1993.

Was the us communist in Vietnam?

No the US was not communist in the Vietnam War. The US fought with South Vietnam against the communist north. and we lost

Was the US ever a communist country?

No, the US was never a communist country.

What was the result of the US campaign against President Árbenz?

According to Wikipedia, Arbenz's agrarian reforms in Guatemala ran afoul of the United Fruit Company. That and his suspected Communist ties resulted in the US aiding a coup d'etat to remove him as president.

What year did Shirley Temple become a US ambassador to Czechoslovakia?

(1969-1979)she was ambassador to Czechoslovakia

Where US Armed Forced invaded which country to prevent a coup d'etat?

In 1983 US. armies invaded Grenada to stop a coup d'etat. (koo-day-ta)

Why do you suppose the US supported the Coup of 1962 in South Vietnam?

The successful coup was in '63 & supported because Diem had to go.

How would the United States function if we were to become a Communist country?

It likely would not continue to function very long. US citizens hold their freedoms dear and are of a peculiarly rebellious sort. US citizens tend to rebel against authority even when it is not so overbearing and controlling as in a communist country such as China or North Korea. Of course, being a democratic country, it is highly unlikely that a true communist group could take control outside of a coup.

Is the US a communist democracy?

The US is NOT a communist democracy. Communism is somewhat the opposite of a democracy, in fact.

Are communist the enemy of the US?

The terrorist and the communist so the answer is yes.

Was the US communist or non-communist in the Vietnam War?

Anti-communist and pro-democratic.

Who was the first US president to visit Czechoslovakia?


What is the relationship between the Communist Party US and the Party of Communists US?

Same people. All were communist.

Who helped the military coup in Chile?

The US Central Intelligence Agency planned and supported the coup, which overthrew the elected leader (S. Allende).

Why did communist rule in the US fail?

The US has never been under Communist Rule. As a result, the question is unanswerable.

What was the US response on Hitler's take over of Czechoslovakia?

The US was still following the policiy of isolationism.

How is Vietnam different from the US?

Vietnam is a communist nation; the US is not.

In what country did the US' CIA help stage a coup in 1954?


Is it illegal in the US to be a communist or belong to the communist party?

No, the US Constitution protects persons belonging to ANY political party, including communism.

Was the US being communist when annexing the Philippines?

Many would say the US was acting as an imperial power when it annexed the Philippines, not that it was being communist.

Who was the first totalitarian communist dictator of the US?

The United States has never had a totalitarian communist dictator.

What is the closest communist country to the US?