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What did the Union Army do to the city of Vicksburg during the Battle of Vicksburg?

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Approached it with extreme difficulty from the West bank of the Mississippi.

Managed to cross the river downstream unobserved, by distracting the garrison commander, Pemberton, with a cavalry raid.

Fought Pemberton in the open country to the East, and drove him back into his lines.

Besieged the town and attacked its fortifications - often shouting a warning to Johnny Reb to get his head down!

Starved it out, and took the surrender on the Fourth of July, paroling 30,000 prisoners, to the immense gratitude of the town, which actually held a memorial service for Grant when he died - unheard-of in the Deep South.

It was a mighty long time before they next celebrated the Fourth of July, however!

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Grant led the Army of the Tennessee.

The Battle of Vicksburg was won by the Union Army during the American Civil War. A famous quote from President Abraham Lincoln is: "Vicksburg is the key. The war can never be brought to a close until the key is in our pocketâ??.

The Battle of Champion's Hill was fought before the Battle of Vicksburg, on May 16,1863. It was a decisive Union victory, that drove Pemberton's Confederate Army back toward Vicksburg.

The Union Army of the Tennessee attacked the Confederate Army of the Mississippi.

The Union Army of Tennessee led by General Grant won the Battle of Vicksburg.

The vicksburg Campaign convinced Lincoln that Grant was the right man to lead the whole Union Army.

North - a Union army under Grant.

The armies that fought were the Confederate Army of Mississippi versus the Union Army of the Tennessee.

ANSWER On July 4,1863, when the Confederate Army under General Pemberton capitulated.

Grant led the Union Army of the Tennessee against Pemberton's rebel Army of Mississippi.

10,000 casualties of the union army 9,091 casualties of the south 29,495 men surrendered

It granted the Union Army control of the Mississippi River.

The Union army had the geographic advantage of controlling much of the Mississippi River. Grant and Sherman were able to place pressure on Vicksburg with a combination of land and river dominance.

U.S. Grant's Union army. The Confederates under John C. Pemberton surrendered.

It was very important to the Union army, because the battle cut off Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana from the Confederate army.

The Battle of Vicksburg took place in May and June of 1863; until the Confederate army surrendered Vicksburg on July 4.

The battle of Vicksburg was important because secured the control of the whole Mississippi River to the Union, split into two parts the Confederacy and eliminated a Confederate Army and its weapons. The great Union leader who emerged was Ulysses S. Grant.

Pemberton's Confederate Army surrendered unconditionally to Grant's Union Army on July 4,1863.

In the battle of Vicksburg Grant led his army of Tennessee to the Mississippi River where they then drove the Confederate troops to the town of Vicksburg Mississippi. After two major attacks by the Union the Confederate did not have re enforcements and were quickly running out of supplies. Grant then invaded Vicksburg and the Confederate surrendered. Hope this helps.

Since the Confederate General Pemberton surrendered the city to General Grant of the Union Army, I suspect the Union claimed victory.

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