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It means that the Church can use the good things in the world to evangelize it with the truth of the Church.

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Q: What did the Vatican Council II mean when it emphasized that the Church not only had much to give to the world but also learn from the world?
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What did the Second Vatican Council mean it emphasized that the Church not only had much to give to the world but also had much to learn from it too?

Below is a link to Blessed Pope John XXIII's speech opening the Second Vatican Council. His Holiness thought that we needed to learn more of how the world is operating so that we may more effectively evangelize it and bring the Good News of Our Blessed Lord to it. Like the missionaries of old who went into foreign lands, learned their language and customs so that they could preach and convert them, we must go out into the world, learn its language and customs so that we may more effectively bring the message of hope and salvation to it. His Holiness spoke of "opening the windows" and bringing the means to deliver the message "up to date." Unfortunately too many in the Church thought that he wanted to bring Christ's message up to date, but His Message never changes, only the language in which it is put.

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