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What did the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom outlaw?


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Thomas Jefferson and James Madison wrote it. It was about giving people the freedom to go to what ever church they want.

A Jew. Untrue of course since the author was a Diest known as Thomas Jefferson whose knowledge of theology is probably unsurpassed among the US Presidents who have held that office to date. Most historians list him as an Episcppalian however his stance on religious freedom and the separation of Church and State presented as a part of the US Constitution. He was a scholar first and foremost and his writings support that essential part of his life, beliefs and scholarship. He would be equally comfortable at worship in a mosque, synagouge or church. What it outlawed was a State Religion in any form.

Thomas Jefferson in 1779

This was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1779 in response to attempts by the Baptists to ingrain religion into government.