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What did the Wichita Indians trade with other tribes?


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They traded with other Southern Plains Indians.

They would trade metal, knives, fish, and other things other tribes couldn't get.

the shoshone traded with other tribes to meat their needs

The Delaware Indians traded by saying "you give me this and I'll give you this. They traded with a lot of other Indian tribes.

They probably traded shells,kelp,salt,and other natural resources.

yes they did the were friendly the would trade food and weapons with the cheerokee!

They traded buffalo goods and their horses for food. They traded with the Caddos and Wichita.

they traded fur and they traded cooking tools and other important stuff (to the indians) as well as diseases.

the Sioux Indians traded buffaloes for corn. they traded with their linguistic cousins the Mandan and Hidatsa

the Cheyanne indians,lacato and many more tribes

yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

Yes they did Trade with others

they only had good relationship with some tribes and only when they needed to trade things like food for land or something like that so they only get along when they need something

Europeans had been exchanging guns with the Indians as a whole from the time that they landed in America from 1500 and on. Indians would also trade guns with other Indian tribes for resources or to encourage alliances.

The Inuit did trade with other tribes. They traded fur, meat, dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They trade because it improved how they lived. The Inuit also traded their technology/tools.

Yes, they traded stones and shells.

French settlers in the Americas quickly created alliances with several Native American tribes. The Huron, Algonquin and Montagnais tribes became the primary suppliers for the fur trade.

Yes, they did! -They are known to have linguistic links with other tribes, such as the Paiute People(s). They may well have had trade-relations with the Chumash People of the California coastal region.

Yes. They traded with other tribes in other states such as Mississippi and New Mexico. They traded bois d'arc wood, salt, buffalo hinds, deer skin, and salt. Trading was very important.

Crops, and other things were traded between tribes.

most likely they traded, food, clothing, and animal skins for other things

they made partner ships with the settlers to not have a war and to make them trade with there selves

Indians and other mountain men

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