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Wright Brothers

What did the Wright Brothers use to build the Wright Flyer in 1903?


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November 30, 2016 12:26PM

The Wright brothers were bicycle manufacturers who virtually invented the science of aerodaynamics . They built their own wind tunnel to test models and built hundreds of gliders from paper and wood to test their ideas before building their famous Flyer. To power their craft they hunted for a lightweight petrol engine in the marketplace but nothing was available with the right power to weight ratio. They decided to use a new lightweight metal called Aluminium and with an engineer friend built their own, The engine powered 2 propellers and the wing were made of doped linen with wooden spars. The wings were warped by wires strung from their newly invented 'joystick'.The undercarriage came from their bicycle shop. The design was no accident, it was the culmination of continuous improvement.