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The Young America Movement was established in 1845 as a political movement. It argued that democracy would eventually take hold everywhere.

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The most prominent spokesman of the Young America movement was?

Stephen A Douglas

When was Young Socialist Movement created?

Young Socialist Movement was created in 1993.

What has the author YONATAN EYAL written?


How tall is America Young?

America Young is 5' 9".

Who was important to the abolition movement in America?

the person who was important to the abolition movement in america was andrew jackson

What was the most influencial religious movement in colonial America?

PresbyterianismThe most influential religious movement in colonial America was the American Methodist movement.

What cultural movement influenced the development of democracy in America?

what cultural movement influenced the development of democracy in America?

Who lead feminist movement in America?

Feminist movement in America was led (mainly) by Susan B. Anthony.

When was Young Democrats of America created?

Young Democrats of America was created in 1932.

What movement inspired the reform movement in America?

The Act of Trolling

When was the feminist movement?

When was feminism a movement? There's no past-tense, feminism continues to be a movement and will continue to be a movement for a long time yet. Feminism is the movement for gender equality and one could argue that this has always existed in some form or another.

Abraham Lincoln associated with which movement?

He's associated with Young American movement and fledgling political movement.

why did some early members of the women's rights movement in the united states argue against pursuing women's suffrage?

they believed it was unrealistic to demand such a major change

When was Young America Cricket Club created?

Young America Cricket Club was created in 1854.

When was Young America City Hall created?

Young America City Hall was created in 1909.

What was the lyceum?

a cultural movement in america. for A+

What statements characterize the Abolitionist Movement in America?

The abolitionist movement was created to abolish slavery in America, and it was supported by a fair amount of Americans.

The founder of the young Italy movement was?


The founder of young Italy movement was?


Cesar chavez is most closely associated with what movement in America?

The Labor movement

What are the release dates for Young America - 1918?

Young America - 1918 was released on: USA: 1918

Why catholicism is the minority religion in north America?

It is a minority there as it was colonised by Britain. Britain is Protestant and this was mainly passed on to North America. However, Catholicism is a huge movement in America with more young people than Europe. It is probably the second most major religion in North America and by far the main one in all of Latin America.

When did rastafari come to America?

The Rastafarian movement came to America in the 1960s. The Rastafarian movement was founded in Jamaica and has had influences in many parts of the world.

Who was the founder of the young Italy movement?

Mazzini, writer, orator, and founder of Young Italy.

What did the womens rights movement argue about?

mostly the difference between the average man's salary and the average woman's salary

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