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Q: What did the burning of atlanta insure for president Lincoln?
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Why should a burning hydrocarbon fuel be given a good supply of air?

To insure complete clean combustion.

How was President Lincoln able to be actively involved in the Civil War?

President Lincoln was able to control the Union forces in the US Civil War in his position as commander in chief. The fact that Lincoln was so near to the battlefield actions via telegraph placed him in position to make war operations suggestions and actual military decisions.He was also able to appoint generals who he believed shared his various goals. With that said, Lincoln had to battle his own radical wing of the Republican Party. They became an obstacle to Lincoln as the Republicans formed a joint Congressional committee to insure the waar was going the way they preferred. They had some leverage over the President. Also, the Republicans and Lincoln needed the support of the War Democrats. These were members of the Democratic Party that favored unification. Lincoln also was able to help control the Union's war efforts by using his power as president to suspend certain Bill of Rights amendments, such as habeas corpus.

What was General George B. McClellan's reaction to President Lincoln's preliminary emancipation proclamation?

President Lincoln's preliminary emancipation proclamation became known to General George B. McClellan on September 24, 1862. McClellan was outraged as he was opposed to the key elements of Lincoln's announcement. McClellan believed that the issue of slavery should be handled after the Southern rebellion was defeated. He believed that to insure a speedy and less painful reunification of the US that strict limits should be placed on military actions that threatened the rights and property of Confederate civilians.

How did George Washington insure domestic tranquility as president?

sorry i left my text book at home.

What is Obama doing to insure domestic tranquility?

This may surprise some, who tend to "King-ify" our Presidents, but it is the Constitution that was wrote to insure domestic tranquility. The President's job is as the Chief Executive of the laws, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, etc. Not make sure things are tranquille. Of course, some may argue that his duties can assist - or detract - from domestic tranquillity. However, as we are not currently witnessing a dozen or so states seceding and opening fire on us, we may say that President Obama is so far doing a better job than President Lincoln - in the "domestic tranquillity" department, anyway!

Where and when was Abraham Lincoln's birth and death?

He was born on February 12, 1809, at Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County, Kentucky, in a one room log cabin. He died at the Peterson House on 453 Tenth Street (now 516 Tenth Street), a boarding house owned by William Peterson, which was just across the street from Ford's theatre, where Lincoln was shot. The date was April 14, 1865. The President was placed on a bed in the front parlor, a doctor was called, and examined the President but could do much for him, medically, as the bullet was embedded deep in his brain. The doctor did try to insure he was as comfortable as he could be. President Lincoln died the following morning at approximately 7:22am, on April 15, 1865.

What the prefix for insure?

The prefix for "insure" is "in-."

What is the best way to keep from burning food on electric grills or gridles?

The correct temperature is very important when grilling in general. This will insure that the food will cook throughout while not overcooking on the outside.

Can you insure a building you don't own?

You personaly can not insure the building but the society can insure the whole building.

What caused US President to withhold Union troops from sending reinforcements to General George B McClellan in the Peninsula campaign?

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson brought in concerns to the Union in June of 1862. After Jackson had taken Front Royal and Winchester, Lincoln became concerned for Washington DC's safety. He with held General McDowell's forces in order to insure the capital was secure. Lincoln ordered General Fremont to enter the Shenandoah Valley and defeat Jackson's forces. Lincoln was insistent on this issue. Nevertheless, Jackson was too smart and swift for Fremont.

Who said you the people of the US in Order to form a more perfect Union establish Justice insure domestic Tranquility provide for the common defence promote the general Welfare?

abraham lincoln

What is a antonym for insure?

A antonym for the word insure is attack.