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Computers in the 1960s were huge, heavy machines that took up entire rooms in air-conditioned buildings. (Think of rows and rows of refrigerators filling up a hall)

Expanded AnswerIn the sixties, computers were huge, but more huge (huger?) than the previous answer allows. Catch "A Touch Of Mink" on TMC or AMC some time. (Stars Doris Day and Cary Grant; MARVELOUS!) You'll see a fair representation of a "computerized" business of the day. Keep in mind that the machines that Doris Day sabotages, the ones that malfunction, are merely terminals; they're just card readers, and the actual computers are in many more cabinets spread all over the building. Additional ExpansionLarge computers looked like rooms full of lockers, som had glass/acrylic doors behind which you could see tape drives (reels of magnetic tape that rotated jerkily to get to the data on the tape).

There were very few small computers but one was the Olivetti Programma 101 (Google that to find pictures of it) a desktop computer that looked like a cross between a calculator and a typewriter.

Super old and not worth looking at. If you have ever seen Terminator 3, at the end it shows some pretty old computers, if you look at those then you get the idea.

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Q: What did the computers look like in the 1960's?
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