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What did the fathers of confederation do?


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There are a number of things that the fathers of confederation did. They brought provinces together and worked out various democratic ways of governing these territories in various conferences.


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It is confusing because there were two different "Fathers of Confederation". The first fathers were the fathers who attended the three meetings. The second fathers were the fathers who entered confederation later.

Fathers of Confederation are a group of people who attended the Charlotte and Quebec Conference in the year 1864 in London. Originally, there were 36 original Fathers of Confederation.

They wrote the Constitution, to replace the Articles of Confederation.

The list of the founding fathers of Canada, actually referred to as the Fathers of Confederation, can be found at this site. It also includes the province they represented and their year of birth and death, as well as the conferences they participated in which preceded confederation.

yes they did, they were the first people here, in canada, but soon enough the fathers of confederation came, and some native tribes started to become extinct

The name of Canada's Parliament is The Fathers of Confederation.

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He didn't "join" Confederation, well I guess in one sense he did because he was one of our Fathers of Confederation and a professional politician. Maybe that is why.

The founding fathers were the people that wrote the articles of confederation. They most certainly were for the document they wrote.

Sir Oliver Mowat was one of the Fathers of Confederation.

John A. Macdonald, George Etiennes Cartier, and George Brown

It had become obvious that The Articles of Confederation had failed.

The Constitutional Convention of 1787. The Articles of Confederation were ultimately abandoned by our four fathers and the US Constitution was written.

There wasn't. James madison, and our founding fathers had invented the Articles of Confederation, because they thought it would help win wars, but was thrown away, because it later become work, and it was completly useless for our founding fathers.

A H U. Colquhoun has written: 'The fathers of Confederation'

They met and wrote the constitution from May to September 1787.

Charles Fisher is known as one of the fathers of confederation. He wanted confederation because there were many laws that were in place that he did not agree with. It was his hope that the colonies could join together to become a single country.

They reoresented their own colonies which were the Maritime colonies, and the Province of Canada, before 1867. After that beautiful year many other fathers joined the confederation. They also represent the country of Canada. And if you have a problem with that. I got 2 words for ya. SUCK IT. โ˜บ

The main purpose of the articles of confederation was to create a loose union of states. The founding fathers didn't want the articles of confederation to have too much power, so of lacked powers such as the power to tax. This lack of powers eventually led to the downfall of the articles of confederation.

Because the Articles of Confederation was not strong enough to begin with, they decided to write a completely new document... The Constitution of the United States of America.

George Brown John A. McDonald Etienne Paschal Tache George Etienne Cartier

The four fathers of confederation were Sir John A Macdonald, George Brown, Alaxender Galt, and George Cartier, Sir John A MacDonald being the co-"primeinister"at the time...

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