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Q: What did the federal government response to the whiskey rebellion in 1794 demonstrate?
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Why did the federal government demonstrate its authority during the whiskey rebellion?

they kept on taxing the locals

What event was a response to an unpopular excise tax imposed by the federal government?

Whiskey Rebellion

How was the whiskey rebellion an opportunity for federal government to demonstrate its authority?

The government enforced the exercise tax on whiskey through the force of the military.

How did Washington show strength of the of the federal government to the response of the whiskey rebellion?

He started lifting :D

Did shays rebellion demonstrate the need for a stronger central government?

Shays' Rebellion demonstrated the need for a stronger central government through the Constitutional Convention which gave birth to the federal system.

How was the Whiskey Rebellion an opportunity for the federal government to demonstrate it's authority?

Whiskey Rebellion, (1794), in American history, uprising that afforded the new U.S. government its first opportunity to establish federal authority by military means within state boundaries,

Which event was a response to an unpopular excise tax imposed by the federal government?

Whiskey Rebellion

Why was the whiskey rebellion important?

The federal response to the rebellion demonstrated that the new federal government would use force if necessary to collect taxes and uphold its authority. It established the right of the government to levy this type of tax. It also showed the need for a national guard to maintain order and established its right of federal government to create such a force.

Why was George Washington's response to the whiskey rebellion so important?

it gave legitimacy to the federal government, both as a taxing power and a military power

How did Shay's rebellion show the weaknesses of the federal government?

Shay's rebellion was during the time the States were under the Articles of Confederation the Federal Government was not existent until the Constitution.

The significance of Shays's rebellion is that it?

It began the growth of the federal government.

Shays Rebellion in 1787 was an attack on?

the new federal government

What did Washington do when farmers in western Pennsylvania challenged the authority of the new federal government by the actions known as the Whiskey Rebellion?

He used the authority of the federal government to put down the rebellion

Why was the Washington's response to whiskey reballion important?

By his strong effort to quash the whiskey rebellion he showed the new federal government meant business and could not easily be ignored. The response also showed the government could and would collect taxes that were due it.

How was the whiskey rebellion a victory for the federal government?

The whiskey rebellion was a victory for the federal government because it was one of the first test of federal authority in the United States history. It was also a commitment to the constitutional rule of law.

What were the consequences of the whiskey rebellion?

The consequence of The Whisky Rebellion was the first test of power of the new federal government.

What was the Kurdish rebellion's goal?

The Kurdish rebellion goal was to get a Kurdish state within a federal democratic government.

How did the whiskey rebellion strengthen the the federal government?

it showed that the government was good and they needed a strong central government

What did not contribute to the whiskey rebellion?

The federal government stopped protecting the settlers.

How did the federal government assert its power in the west?

the Federal Government asserted the power in the west by using force to stop the Whisky Rebellion.

How the federal government asserted its power in the West?

the Federal Government asserted the power in the west by using force to stop the Whisky Rebellion.

The major legacy of Shays's Rebellion was that it?

illustrated the need for a strong federal government.

What did George Washington do about the whiskey rebellion?

He stopped it by sending federal troops into western pennsylvania to end the protest once and for all. The significance o this action was that it showed the strength of the federal gov't (government) under the Constitution because they no longer used the Articles of Confederation. It was a fitting response to an immediate threat to the federal government.

The outcome of the whiskey rebellion helped to establish the power of the federal government to?

enforce federal laws within states

How might Roosevelts response have threaten separated of powers in the federal government?