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I have one, it's about 20 years old or so. It has the big box, about the size of a VCR that mounts in the trunk of a vehicle with the handset that mounts on the hump by the driver. YES, it IS a cell phone.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 19:14:22
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Q: What did the first cell phone look like?
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What does the first cell phone look like?

it was heavy and were bigger than shoeboxes....

What does her cell phone look like?

whos phone? lawl yea whos phone?

What does the mobile phone look like?

type in "cell phone" on google images

Where can I look up cell phone numbers?

You could look up cell phone numbers online in a directory however cell phone numbers are not like home phone numbers and are much harder to research and come by

What is 0777 in UK?

'0777' look like the first four digits of a UK mobile (cell) phone number.

Where to look for a cell phone?

If you are looking for a missing cell phone it is smart to first look under couch cushions and then look in a car or in any bags you might have used recently

What did a 1979 cell phone look like?

big and chuncky

What does a cell phone look like?

A cell phone is a phone that isn't attached to the wall and that you can take anywhere. It often looks like a very small, flat television, with buttons.

When was the 1st mobile phone invented?

The concept of the cell phone began in the 1920's with police radios, but it wasn't until 1948 that Bell Labs produced the first cell phone. In 1974 Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first cell phone that is most like what we have today. It was used by government offices and it wasn't until 1984 that the first cell phones were sold to the public. The first cell phones on the market were large, heavy, and expensive to use. They tried to make them look like a home phone in a bag that you could carry.

What does Bradley Cooper's cell phone look like?

All I know is that his old phone was a blackberry.

What did a cell phone look like 4 years ago?

A flip, and a trac phone A flip, and a trac phone

Who invented the first cell phone what did it look like what was it made of how did it work what is its job what was its cost who used it?

the guy who invented da interweb

Where can I look to compare smart cell phones?

You would want to first decide which cell phone carrier you would like. From there, you can go to that carrier's website and compare online.

How can you get the best deals on cell phone plans?

First, go to a site like,, and and look for discounts. Second, cell phone companies will sometimes negotiate, especially if you're an existing customer.

what exactly is a cell phone lookup?

Cell phone lookup is the ability to look up someone's cell phone number. You can do this just like looking up a land-line phone number in the white pages or a phone book.

Where's the best cell phone plans listed?

I am looking for a great cell phone plan. I would like to know where to look for one?

What are the prices for a cell phone 100-600?

really it depends on the cell phone if its a sidekick its like 300$ but if its a flip its like 100$ so look at the phone u get not all prices are the same

Great Cell Phone Steals And Deals?

Thanks to the invention of the World Wide Web, there are now thousands of places that you can get great cell phone deals. You aren't limited to the cell phone stores in your area. The first place to look for great cell phone deals is the cell phone location on the website of your carrier. Are they carrying any monthly specials, or specials for new users? If you are a first time cell phone user, there are deals for you. Be sure to look around the World Wide Web for the dozens of other cell phone deals and steals also!

How can one lookup a cell phone number?

The only way to look up a cell phone number is by contacting a cell phone provider. Currently there is no way to enter a persons name and find their cell phone number like you can with a traditional land line.

What does the first phone look like?

it looks like a big box

What did the first mobile phone look like?

the first mobile phone looked like a brick it was very big and couldt fit in your pocket

How can you find cell phone lookups?

There are several sites like Spydialer and Squidoo have forms which allow you to look up cell phones. It is also know as Cell phone reverse lookup and gives information on the owner, address etc of the cell phone.

What did Saint Benedict look like?

Since no one had cell phone cameras back then, we do not know what he looked like.

How do you use the calculator on your cell phone?

Go to your main cell phone MENU and look for TOOLS. Select TOOLS and look for your calculator in there.

What does the fertilized egg look like in the first stages of pregnancy?

like a cell