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The founders of New Netherland help the colony grow by offering land to anyone who brought 50 settlers to the colony.

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Why did New Netherland grow?

By becoming New York.

What did the North Carolina colony grow at the colony?

The people in the North Carolina Colony use to grow corn and tobacco.

How did the dutch plan the growth of New Amsterdam?

The Dutch invited people from many other countries to come there.To help the colony grow the dutch encouraged people from many countries to settle in New Netherland

What was the main goal of the founders of Jamestown?

It was to grow tobacco and find gold but the main idea is to grow tobacco

What made tobacco a major export for the colony of Jamestown?

Tobacco was a new discovery for the colonists at Jamestown. They quickly learned how to grow it from the Native Americans and exported it to Europe.

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Large Netherlands could be up to 4 pounds, but a purebred Netherland does not usually grow above 3 pounds. The average is about 2 1/2 pounds.

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Who discovered New England?

New England was founded by several different people. John Winthrop was one of the people that founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thomas Hooker founded the Connecticut Colony, and John Mason founded the New Hampshire Colony. Two of the founders of the Rhode Island Colony were Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams. Of course, all of these people had help from other settlers in getting these colonies to grow and prosper.

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