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freedom must be protected at all costs


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The new government needs to balance order & liberty.

Not all of them did. A number of delegates left the convention because they could not support the constitution that was taking shape. For those who did stay though, the answer is a profound willingness to compromise. Michael Montagne

they agreed to do nothing with their borin lives

The founding fathers wanted the country to be better and agree with...because... To learn more go to

You can't, and nobody should try, to presume what the founding fathers would've thought. Instead just understand that they would agree with your right to defend yourself and to have a say in your country.

One thing was that the country in order to survive needed a firm foundation of some sort of united government. Thus, setting up the US Constitution.

The Anti-Federalists made a condition that they would only agree to the Constitution if there where a Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers were men of their word and it was done.

The Founding Fathers did not agree on what the government should be like. Some believed there should be a strong federal government, and others believed the federal government should not have too much power. They believed the powers of the federal government should be divided into three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive, and that they should be balanced and be able to check each other.

I agree with this as i have read it in a book although on wikipedia it says his fathers name is Rhichard

Their fathers agree to erect gold statues to them.

This is one reason among many: the founding fathers realized that the Articles of Confeneration had a serious drawback regarding its mechanism of change to itself. In order for the articles to be amended, all states had to agree to the change. There were also problems with the authority of the articles to enforce its own provisions, and too much ambiguity around the individual state rights to engage in some economic, monetary and international activities.

The states were in existence before the federal government, and in fact had to ratify the Constitution before it could take effect. Since the states were all essentially sovereign, independent nations, the Founding Fathers could not have done anything without their agreement. In order to get them to accept the Constitution, the state governments of course had to share power with a limited federal government; otherwise they would never have ratified the Constitution, and the United States would not exist.

That's a really good question. It has to do with people in general. No two people will agree about everything. Compromise is important when setting up a new nation so that you can start our peacefully.

It took the Founding Fathers so long to create a new government, because it was hard to agree on the same set of rules. For example, there was two plan the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan. The Virginia plan stated that big states should get morer represenatives while the New Jersey plan stated that all the states should have the same representation thus creating congress.

There were lots of people who can be called founding fathers. The best thing for you to do is look up the individual names in an encyclopedia or your textbook. Even a dictionary will have the more famous men like Washington and Jefferson. If for some reason you don't have access to any such books do Google searches for the names you have, I'm sure they will all be on the internet many times. Anyway, go look them up. Any writeup on them will tell you their states. Michael Montagne I agree with the person above. The founding fathers are from such a wide rage of places that its hard to name all of the places. If there's once specific place your looking for or a specific founding father you want to find from a certain area do a search on google for the name or otherwise just put in founding fathers from the state of Connecticut or something. I hope i helped. There are many founding fathers that contributed to making our country what it is today but the most recognized are eleven of them. The following is a list of those eleven and what states they came from: George Washington, James Madison, Edmund Randolph, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson (Virginia); John Adams (Massachusetts); Benjamin Franklin and James Wilson (Pennsylvania); Alexander Hamilton and Gouverneur Morris(New York); and Roger Sherman (Connecticut).

Blacks, who still hate the nation to this day so that was a good call. They were slaves, the only people enslaved in history who never got over it. Native Americans weren't included, either. I don't agree with that one. Indians are cool.

It was always a matter of who had the reins of the nation in their hands, the big states or the little states. The concept of shared power for a common good was just a wee bit obscure even for America's great founding fathers.

America's founding fathers also had some framers of the Constitution in their ranks. Most historians agree that the founders and framers of the US Constitution envisaged the treaty making process to be the mutual agreement between US president and the US Senate.

I believe BOTH marriage partners should share.

Nothing. An agreement is to agree and a contract is too agree too. ( unless the person tells you not to read it then they are tricking you )

by settling their differences and finding stuff they agree on

Personally, I think they saw it as the US coming of age, and the opportunity to stand as an equal with Great Britain; the mother country, and an imperial power, although it was contrary to what the Founding Fathers originally wanted for the US.

i would agree with you. i belive they both had the same theory.

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