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The founding fathers wanted the executive branch of government to make all laws official throughout the United States. They wanted to ensure that the various branches did their part to keep the country operating in a cohesive manner.


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Our founding fathers did not want one branch of the government to become too powerful. They developed 3 branches of government. executive, legislative, and judicial, and gave each specific powers. The legislative makes (enacts) the laws. The executive branch enforces the laws. The judicial branch interprets the laws.

The Founding Fathers wanted to keep political pressure away from the Judicial Branch in order maintain the system of checks and balances. The system of government would only work if the judiciary was free from Legislative and Executive influence.

The founding fathers did not want to create a tyrannical government, and they hoped that by separating the powers of the government into three branches, each branch would help to keep the other two branches honest.

Founding Fathers created a limited Government because they did not want the rest of the world to influence the power that they have' and they did not want the common people to rebel against them.

False, the founding fathers provided for an unseen future they could not predict by allowing the constitution to be amended in specific circumstances.

There are several foundind fathers , and they ALL wanted an EQUAL BALANCE of power, for one not to be too strong or too weak.

they didn't want too because one of the founding fathers thought they should make two different ideas seprate.

The founding fathers defined freedom of expressions as white people can say anything they want but people of other skin color cannot.

why would the framers want congress to be more powerful than the executive branch

Because he was the founding father of America. He couldn't always have it his way, he had to think of the people too. He wanted the executive, ledislative, and judicial so there could be sections for Congress.

The founding fathers wanted to protect, above all things, the unalienable rights which all men possessed: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yes, it was important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights. As English colonists, they felt they were deprived of these rights when Parliament passed laws without representation from the colonies. The Founding Fathers also did not want to provoke a radical reconstruction.

Because they didn't want morons running the country.

They did not trust the general public to vote wisely.

The founding fathers did not want the capital building to be overshadow by another building .

Because they did not want to repeat the mistakes of the British.

They didn't want a king, but to have a government where people decide who is to represent them.

To prevent a king or dictatorship from running the government.

they did not trust the general public to vote wisely.

the founding fathers started the constitution with "We the people..." for a reason. this was to remind us that the people chose who they want to run the country. so your answer would probably be, "WHOEVER THE PEOPLE CHOOSE"

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