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Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

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Q: What did the gingerbread man say when he jumped out of the oven?
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How do you say gingerbread man in spanish?

hombre de pan de jengibre

How do you find the gingerbread man on HorseIsle?

The gingerbread man is on the main cloud isle to the far west. Go through the little candy maze until you get to the gingerbread house. Go into the house, click on your tools, and use the magnifying glass. It should say something like 'Looking closely to the floor, you see a little gingerbread man.' You might have to step out of the house and then back in for the gingerbread man to show up.

What would Geronimo say if he jumped out of an airplane?

Man, this joke's odd. Me!

How do you say jumped off in french?

sauté is how you say "jumped off" in French.

How do you say gingerbread in German?

It's "Lebkuchen".

Riddle Where was the man when he jumped off the bridge?

The man was between "the" and "when". *Or* "Where was the man when he jumped off the bridge?" The answer would be difficult because of the way we see this form of the verb "to be." To answer that he was in the air would be wrong because that was after he jumped. To answer that he was on the bridge would be equally wrong because that would be before he jumped. If, however, we say he was in the "process of jumping," we may be on the right tract. We have to think that "isness" or "wasness" is not static but in a process of becoming.

How do you say 'I have an oven' in Spanish?

To say 'I have an oven' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo un horno.'

Who did Bella see in the water after she jumped of the cliff?

Bella say Edward before she jumped off the cliff.

How do you say gingerbread in Spanish?

Word - gingerbread Spanish - pan de jengibre Pronunciation - pun zhe zhenzheebarie (for a better explanation go to Google Translate).

How do you do say oven in french?

an oven is 'un four' in French.

How do you say gingerbread muffins in french?

"muffins pain d'épices"

How do you say gingerbread house and man in spanish?

It would translate best to Spanish as bread of ginger house and a man of ginger bread and look like this 'pan de jengibre casa' and 'hombre de pan de jengibre'.

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