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What did the hostage situation do to the Carter Presidency?

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*It gave the Carter Administration an unwarranted image of weakness and inadequacy in a time of crisis for the US. *After saying all you want to about Carter's "weakness" and Reagan's "strength" in "dealing" with the kidnappers and other evil entities,think. *Think. *Carter used diplomacy and the proper International channels in his efforts to free the American hostages. Diplomacy is not quick but it is not usually fatal. Diplomacy, or arguing between countries, can be very frustrating and cause quick and dangerous anger that must be tempered with rational logic. That is what a Chief Executive is supposed to do. He is not supposed to use the military at all unless the all of the rest of the options have been exhausted. Resolving International incidents without additional uses of force and/or loss of life is the mark of a civilized Society and civilized World. *The hostages were indeed freed, even as President-Elect Reagan stepped off of Air Force One on his way to his Inaguration. Reagan sctually spent very little time resolving the Hostage Crisis while serving in office as President and being bound by the Constitution and International laws to follow established procedures. It is easy to talk about using military force and even war when you are not actually in office. War Hawks are usually those with no actual combat related military service record. *Time out for attempted humor. *"I'll take [HAWKS] for $800, Alex." *[HAWKS $800] Daily Double!!! "Now its worth $1,600 and you can pass Don Rumsfield with a correct question." *[HAWKS $1,600]"Among millions upon millions of others, Dick Cheney served in this military unit?" *What is 'NONE', Alex?" *You've taken the lead and passed Rumsfield, who just can't seem to get going. *Time In. Back to the question at hand. *Carter didn't do anything as foolish as, say, *Current President George. W. Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq in the alias Johns of 'Freedom and Democracy' *The war is costing thousands of needless fatalities for no good reasons at all. *On a scale of 1(poor) to 10(excellent), rate the three President's ability to properly perform the duties of the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, President of the USA, to the point that he is deemed worthy of The Nobel Peace Prize. *Carter *Reagan *G.W. Bush

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What issue seriously hurt carter's presidency?

The hostage situation in Iran and the failed rescue attempt was a serious embarrassment for the Carter administration.The Iranian hostage crisis. Apex :)

Was Jimmy Carter ever held hostage in Iran?

Jimmy Carter himself was never taken hostage, but the Iran Hostage Crisis occurred during his presidency.

In Iran 52 Americans were taken hostage during the presidency of who?


In Iran 52 Americans were taken hostage during the presidency of?

Jimmy Carter.

During who's presidency did the Iran hostage crisis occur?

President Jimmy Carter.

Did Jimmy Carter have any important times in his presidency life?

The Iranian hostage crisis .

The Iran hostage situation occurred under which President Nixon Carter Bush Sr. or Ford?

President Jimmy Carter.

The Iran hostage situation occurred under which president?

Jimmy Carter, 39th US President

What were two foreign policy issues that Jimmy Carter had to deal with during his presidency?

Iran hostage crisis, panama canal treaty

What were two of the major international events that Jimmy Carter had to deal with during his presidency?

The Iran Hostage CrisisAnd Russia invading Afghanistan

How did the Iran hostage crisis affect Americans opinions of their president?

The lack of resolution to the Iran Hostage Crisis caused the downfall of the Carter presidency. It lead the way for a landslide victory by Ronald Reagan.

Was Edmund Muskie Secretary of State?

Yes, from 1980 to 1981 in the Carter administration. He was heavily involved in the Iran Hostage situation.

When were the hostages from the Iran hostage crisis freed?

They were freed on January 20,1981 the same day that Jimmy Carter turned the presidency over to Ronald Reagan.

Why did the Iranian hostage crisis occur?

The Iranian hostage crisis took place near the end of the presidency of Jimmy Carter. It began on November 4, 1979 and ended on January 20, 1981. It was a total of 444 days.

When was Presidency of Jimmy Carter born?

Presidency of Jimmy Carter was born on 1924-10-01.

What did president Carter do that was bad?

Jimmy Carter did nothing that indisputably bad. There was a hostage situation in Iran and he authorized a rescue mission that failed. His political enemies said that a good president would probably have seen a way to keep the hostages from ever being taken and once they were taken would have used effective measures to get them out. They claimed that the hostage situation was just one more indication that Carter was weak and ineffective in dealing with unfriendly foreign governments.

Who was involeved in the Iran hostage crisis?

Jimmy Carter

What president was involved in the Iran Hostage Crisis?


What are the release dates for The Sad Hostage Situation - 2011?

The Sad Hostage Situation - 2011 was released on: USA: 25 March 2011

Who was the USA president during the Iran Hostage crisis?


Who was the president during the iran hostage crisis?

Jimmy Carter

What events seriously damaged Jimmy Carter's presidency?

The Iranian hostage crisis!

What event is associated with the presidency of Ronald Reagan?

end of the Iranian hostage crisis

Which issues partially helped Ronald Reagan win the presidency?

The Iran hostage crisis helped Ronald Reagan win the presidency.

What happened during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis?

Jimmy Carter.

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