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Clive Staples

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Q: What did the initials stand for in C S Lewis' name?
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What does the CS in C. S. Lewis stand for?

The C. and S. are Lewis' first and middle names. They stand for "Clive" and "Staples".

What do the initials C A D stand for?

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What does CS mean for C.S. Lewis?

Clive StaplesC. S. Lewis, was an Irish writer and scholar born on (29 November 1898 - 22 November 1963). His initials stand for Clive Staples, although people also knew him as 'Jack' Lewis.

What does the C in C.S. Lewis stand for?


What does the S stand for C. S. Lewis?

Clive Staples Lewis

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What is C S Lewis' full name?

C. S. Lewis' full name is Clive Staples Lewis, but was often called "Jack" by family and close friends.

Which regent has or had the initials: MMFCALMRGGFdAEdBOSeS-C-G?


What did the initials stand for in C S Lewis's name?

The initials stood for 'Clive Staples' but throughout his life Lewis was referred to by family and friends as 'Jack'. The reason for this was that when he was just four years old, the family dog (named Jacksie) was run over by a car. Young Clive decided then he would only be called Jacksie - and it was only as he grew older that his mother was able to cionvince him to at least change it to Jack.

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What was the name of C S Lewis' home?

CS Lewis' Oxford home is known as the Kilns.

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