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The Shahaptin or Nez Perce people were a powerful Plateau tribe residing in many small bands on the borders of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Fur traders frequently travelled in the area, so there were many opportunities to trade for cloth, metal weapons and other goods, glass beads, ribbon, guns, mirrors and many other items.

The Nez Perce were closely related to the Wanapums, Cayuses, Umatillas, Palouses, Klickitats, Yakimas and Walla Wallas, with whom they traded for furs and horses - particularly the much prized Appaloosas which were used for warfare.

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The Nez Perce fished and hunted near rivers, including the Clearwater River in Idaho. They moved up out of the river valleys in warmer weather and collected berries, nuts, and camas roots if they could find them. They went to potlatches to meet people from other tribes. The Nez Perce were and are mostly a peaceful group.

The Nez Perce were famous for their gorgeous beadwork on deerskin, but that art is near to dying out, now.

The Nez Perce were among the first American aboriginals in the West to embrace Christianity, thanks to the efforts of Presbyterian missionaries Marcus Whitman and Henry Spaulding and their faithful wives. One of the Nez Perce towns is called Spaulding, in fact. They run a successful casino near Spaulding.


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shells, beads, buffalo robes, dried meat, etc.

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The tribes that the Nez perce Traded with are

  • Wanapums
  • Cayuses
  • Umatillas
  • Palouses
  • Klickitats
  • Yakimas
  • WallaWallas
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Q: What did the nez perce wear for clothing?
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