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the nuns help teach kids the important and reading and writing in the middle ages

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Are there only Catholic nuns?

There are also Anglican/Episcopal nuns (the movie Black Narcissus was written about Anglican nuns), there are Lutheran nuns, and there are certainly Orthodox nuns, and of course there are Buddhist nuns.

What is the collective noun for a group of nuns?

A group of nuns is referred to as "a superfluity of nuns."

Who does the monks and nuns job naw?

Monks and nuns do the monks' and nuns' jobs now.

Can nuns be protestant?

Some Protestants are nuns.

Can nuns vote?

Yes, nuns can vote.

Where did the nuns sleep?

The nuns sleep in the nunnery in the convent.

What do nuns eat?

It turns out that nuns eat anything.

What is the collective noun for nuns?

Two suggestions are given in many lists of collective nouns for nuns:1. A convent of nuns2. A superfluity of nunsThe authenticity of these are difficult to vouch for.

Why nuns wear gray?

All nuns do not wear grey.

Religious community for nuns?

A religious community of nuns is a convent.

What is the fear of nuns called?

the fear of nuns is called "monachousaphobia"

Nuns live in the middle ages?

Nuns lived in a nunnery.

Do nuns go through Holy Order?

Nuns do not go through Holy Orders. They take certain vows to become nuns.

Do nuns like pie?

it depends Some nuns like pie.

What do you refer to a group of nuns as?

A group of nuns is generally referred to as a convent.

Do nuns have hair?

AnswerNuns have hair like any other women

What is the population of Nuns' Island?

The population of Nuns' Island is 16,210.

Why do nuns become nuns?

Because they want to consecrate their lives to God.

What is the duration of Inquiring Nuns?

The duration of Inquiring Nuns is 1.1 hours.

What religion are the nuns who sing with Andre rieu?

No religion. They are not real nuns.

What is the duration of Nuns on the Run?

The duration of Nuns on the Run is 1.48 hours.

Do you capitalize nuns in a sentence?

No, there is no need to capitalize 'nun' or 'nuns' in a sentence.

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