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Are loyalist the same as patriots?

No, loyalists are loyal to king, patriots want war.

Did the patriots want indpendence?

Yes, the Americans were the patriots fighting for the new country.

Reasons why americans would want to be patriots?

Americans would want to be Patriots because they love their country, their freedoms, and their liberty.

Why did patriots choose patriots?

The patriots chose patriots because they did not want to obey the British Parliament (or king?) and the Parliament's laws were to harsh and unfair. hope this helps!

Why did patriots fight for independence?

The patriots fought for freedom for they didn't want to live without it

How were the patriots different then the loyalist?

Patriots did not want to remain under British rule while the Loyalists did.

Why did colonists want to be patriots instead of loyalists?

they wanted to be patriots because they wanted to be free from the king of england.

What did the loyalists and patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

Why did patriots want war?

they thought it was the best thing to do at the time.

Did the patriots want slavery?

The Southern whites were FOR slavery and the Northern whites were AGAINST slavery. So using the word patriots isn't correct because Americans are all considered patriots.

Where should you be a patriot?

You should be a Patriot because Patriots get to voice there opinion - in other words, they want independence. Loyalists want to stick to the rulings of King George while the Patriots want to separate from that colony to have made a new one. The Patriots thought that King George was being unreasonable with the taxing and this is when they deciding to separate.

Patriots does want Tim tebow?

You mean... Do the patriots want Tim tebow? Well there certainly interested if he's still available by there third second round selection then I'd hope they take him.

Why should the loyalists join the patriots?

they would have freedom to say what they want

Why did the Patriots want freedom from England?

they wanted freedom because king George didn't want to pay them

Who is the best team on Madden 2005?

depends who you play or who you want to be if you want a good defense then pick the ravens if you want a bad defense pick the patriots want a good offense pick the patriots want a bad offense pick the vikings it also depends about the year but recent its been those teams.

Did Americans on the frontier support patriots or loyalits?

Americans supported patriots. They (the Americans) were excited about the Declaration of Independence. Patriots agreed on independence. Loyalists were loyal to the King. They did NOT want to do whatever they wanted to, they wanted to do as the King said.

Why would you want to join the Patriots and not the Loyalists?

Because when the Patriots stormed through Fort Ticonderoga, they got free weapons, the weapons where good for the war.

Why did the patriots want independence?

so that they didnt have to do King George the 3rd's rules

Why did the loyalists want the patriots to stay?

The Loyalists were making money off of the colonists

Neutralist debate questions for the Loyalists and the Patriots?

ask them why would I want to side with you?

Why did patriots tear down the statue of king George III?

The American patriots tore down statues of King George III because they did not want to be subjects of the King and did not want statues of someone they branded as a "despot" in their public places.

Who plays on the patriots football team?

A lot of people do you want their QB,TE,RB or HB.Who do you want to know.Also what year

Did the loyalist want to fight?

Yes. They thought by force they could get the Patriots to change to Loyalists.

What did patriots want?

They were determine to fight the british to the end- until american independence was won

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