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the political and economic division between the democratic west and the communist east

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What did the iron curtain symbolize?

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Why was the iron curtain created in the Cold War?

The iron curtain was just a term used to symbolize the wall between the east and western countries. It was not a real curtain.

What did the Iron Curtain symbolize the division between?

The Iron Curtain represented the division in Europe between the West (democracy) and the East (Communism) during the Cold War.

What did the iron curtain come to symbolize?

The Russian's Iron Curtain came to symbolise the unbridgeable gulf between Communist Russia, and Western Democracy - two very opposing ideologies.

What did the so called iron curtain symbolize?

the political and economic division between the democratic west and the communist east

Was the iron curtain an actual iron curtain?

No. It was like invisible, there were only military forces. The term "iron curtain" was just a metaphor.

Was the iron curtain a real curtain?


Who gave the iron curtain speech what does the iron curtain refer to?

Sir Winston Churchill gave that speech, the Iron Curtain was the Soviet border.

What was symbolic of which churchill speaks of the iron curtain?

the iron curtain speaks is a symbol of?

Who ended the iron curtain?

Gorbachev is given credit for ending the Iron Curtain.

What did the Berlin Wall symbolize?

The Berlin Wall symbolized an iron curtain. The Iron Curtain fence stretched for thousands of kilometers to separate Eastern and Western countries, and it was especially strong in Germany, where the Berlin Wall became an unmistakable symbol of the Iron Curtain division. In certain regions, the Iron Curtain was nothing more than a plain chain link fence, when in other places it was a highly guarded area which only people carrying special government permissions could approach.

Where are there cracks in the iron curtain as seen on the map?

Yugoslavia and Albania were the cracks in the iron curtain.

Was Romania part of the iron Curtain border?

Yes, Romania was inside the Iron Curtain.

Did Romania border the iron Curtain countries?

Yes, Romania was inside the Iron Curtain.

When did the iron curtain end?

The Iron Curtain ended in 1989 when the cold war ended.

What is the duration of The Iron Curtain film?

The duration of The Iron Curtain - film - is 1.45 hours.

What did the iron curtain refer to?

The Iron Curtain is the imaginary wall used to separate the U.S. from Russia.

Who said that an iron curtain had fallen across Europe?

Winston Churcill in the Iron Curtain speech.

What did the ''Iron Curtain separate?

The Iron Curtain separated Western Germany and the Eastern Bloc.

Was Russia part of the iron curtain?

Russia was on the other side of the iron curtain-and the main reason why it was created.

Did the iron curtain stop communism?

Communism continued in existence long after the concept of the Iron Curtain was established.

What term did Churchill coin regarding the domination of Eastern Europe?

Iron Curtain. An Iron Curtain has descended from.....

Who was the US President during the iron curtain speech?

the president during the fall of the iron curtain was sudam hosaine

When was The Iron Curtain - film - created?

The Iron Curtain - film - was created on 1948-05-12.

Was the NATO alliance referred to as the iron curtain?

No. The "iron curtain" referred to the Warsaw Pact nations, not the NATO countries.

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