What did the teacher from Charlie Brown used to say?

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The teacher, like all adults in the Peanut's series, didn't actually talk. In the comics, you just see the children looking up at something and responding as if spoken to: "Yes sir" and "I understand" and so on. In the TV series, the teacher made an odd, comical sound instead of talking, the closest representation in typing being along the lines of "Wah wah woh wah wah". As in the comic, the viewer was meant to wonder what the adults were saying by observing the kids' reactions.
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What was charlie browns teachers name?

Answer Charlie Brown's Teacher is Mrs. Donovan, Linus's Teacher is Miss Othmar.In Peanuts, the characters often seemed to share classes, despite their age differences, an

How do you say Charlie Brown in spanish?

Usually, when Charles M. Schultz's beloved Peanuts characters have been translated into Spanish, Charlie Brown becomes "Carlitos". (Snoopy, on the other hand, remains Snoopy.)

Why does Charlie Brown say ugh?

Peter Robbins, the first ever voice of Charlie Brown, invented the catchphrase during production of the Christmas special (also the first ever Peanuts cartoon) which was "AAUG