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What did the ten commandments do to the central message of Judaism?

The Ten Commandments are the central message of Judaism: That God exists, that He deals with this world (He's not the aloof Being of the Greek philosophers), that He espouses justice and morals, and that He has a particular relationship with the Israelite people.To answer the question more literally, the Ten Commandments and the method of their delivery (directly from God to the whole assembled nation) took the central message of Judaism and put it in precise words, demonstrated its permanence, made it binding, and set it in stone.

Which religions are the Ten Commandments related to?

The Ten Commandments form the basis for Judaism and Christianity.

What is at the heart of Judaism?

the Ten Commandments

What religion orginially had the ten commandments?


What religion do the ten commandments come from?


Which 2 major world religions use the ten commandments?

Judaism and Christianity use the Ten Commandments.

Does Judaism believe in the ten commandments?

Yes. The Jews observed the ten commandments long before the existence of Christianity.

What religion did Moses accept the Ten Commandments for?


What religion's written record is the Torah with the Ten Commandments guiding moral conduct?

The holy book of Judaism is the Torah, and the Ten Commandments are in it (Exodus 20).See also the Related Links.Link: About the TorahLink: About the Ten Commandments

Which religion do the Ten Commandments belong to?

The Ten Commandments belong Judaism and Christianity. However, the Jews, Catholics/Orthodox, and Protestants count the commandments differently.Answer:The Ten Commandments were given by God to the Israelites (Judaism). They were adopted by the Christians also, thirteen hundred years after they were given to the Israelites. Simply stating "Judaism and Christianity" together may be misleading.

How are the five pillars of Christianity and the Ten Commandments alike?

The Five Pillars of Christianity or the Five Pillars of Islam have no similarities to the Ten commandments. However, the Seven Pillars of Judaism are more "alike" to the Ten Commandments. Because, of the Fourth Pillar of Judaism: Law, which is the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings; the Old Testament, which includes the Ten Commandments.

What religion practices in the 10 commandments?

Judaism is the religion as Moses was given the Ten Commandments by God.

The ten commandments became the basis for?

The civil and religious laws of Judaism

What are two religions that share the ten commandments?

Very generally, Judaism and Christianity.

What document did Judaism give the world?

The Hebrew Bible, including the Ten Commandments.

What religion followed the ten commandments given to Moses?

Judaism, however, the term 'Ten Commandments' isn't a correct translation of the original Hebrew. In truth, they're called the Ten Statements or Ten Utterances.

What religion first started the ten commandments?

What are often called the Ten Commandments in English, came from Judaism. In truth, the original Hebrew name is 'Asseret HaDibrot' or Ten Statements in English.

When and how did Moses get the ten commandments?

He climbed mt. Sanai and received a message from God, a tablet, with the Ten Commandments on them. I believe there were 2 tablets, but not completely sure.

Why are the Ten Commandments important even for people who are not members of the Jewish religion?

AnswerThe early Christians saw Christianity as the successor to Judaism. The Ten Commandments were important in the Jewish faith so, if Christianity was really the successor to Judaism, they had to be important to Christians.

What religions follow the ten commandments?

Judaism and Christianity consider the Ten Commandments to be instructions dictated directly by God (Exodus ch.19-20). Islam acknowledges the Commandments' existence but does not itemize the list specifically.

How did Judaism influence Western civilization?

Judaism brought the ten commandments into most civilizations. Most laws are based on the ideals behind them.

What was the message from god to moses?

what was the name of the hill that Moses took the ten commandments

Do Buddhists follow the ten commandments?

The "Ten Commandments" are associated with the Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Buddhism is a Dravidic Religion. These two religious origins have little or no overlap in their core beliefs and nooverlap in their religious texts. Buddhism does not follow the Ten Commandments.

Do Jews believe in the 10 Commandments?

It's in the Hebrew Bible so it's part of the Jewish religion.

Why are the ten commandments important to Judaism?

The Ten Statements form the core guidelines for how we can live righteously as Jews which is why they are so important to us.