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the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

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Q: What did the teton Sioux Indians live in?
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Where the teton Sioux hunters or farmers?

the teton Sioux Indians were hunters but traded with the arikara Indians

What is Hunkpapa?

A Division of the Teton Sioux of the North American Indians. Sitting Bull was of the Hunkpapa Sioux

Who were the first hostile Indians encountered on the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

The Teton Sioux tribe

Where do Teton Indians live?

the tetons live in North Dakota

Why are the teton Sioux called the teton Sioux?

The word Teton comes from the Lakota term tetonwan, meaning "dwellers on the Plains", so the Teton Sioux are the seven tribes of the Sioux living on the Great Plains:HunkpapaOglalaMinneconjouBruleTwo KettleSans ArcBlackfoot Sioux (not the same as the Blackfoot people of the far northern Plains)

What hostile Indians did Lewis and Clark encounter?

They encountered with the Missouris, the Omahas, the Yankton Sioux, and the Teton Sioux (Lakota) in the first season of exploring.

How did the Teton Sioux dress?

the Teton Sioux dressed in clothes, just like you............ but yea they wore clothes

How did the Teton Sioux get their food?


Where do the Sioux Indians live today?

The Sioux Indians live in the states of Montana, and North and South Dakota. They also live in Minnesota and Nebraska.

Who was Fool Bull?

someone in the teton sioux

Where did the east coast Sioux Indians live?

Monican Sioux are from Virgina

What did the Teton Sioux Indians eat?

many Sioux Indians ate wild berries,fruits,nutswild turnips.potatoes,buffalo,bears,deer,turkey and hens,booty many Sioux Indians ate wild berries,fruits,nutswild turnips.potatoes,buffalo,bears,deer,turkey and hens

When did the Sioux Indians live?

its the Great Plains

Did the Sioux Indians live in the Plains?

Yes, they did

Where did Sioux Indians migrate to and from?

The Sioux Indians were originally located at Great Lakes, or Woodland area. The Sioux Indians finally moved to Minnesota were most of them currently live.

What type of clothing did the teton Sioux where?

Gangster Way

Where are the Teton Sioux located?

The Lakota people, also known as Teton or Teton Sioux, live all over the world. Their reservations and communities in the United States are mainly located in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. In Canada, there are Lakota and Dakota bands located in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Are the Sioux Indians part of the great plains?

The term "Sioux" refers to a large group of related tribes, some of whom belonged to the Plains culture, while others did not.The Sioux tribes are grouped into three divisions according to the dialect they speak:the eastern Sioux or Dakotasthe central Sioux or Nakotasthe western Sioux or Lakotas (also called Teton Sioux)It is the western or Teton Sioux that belonged to the Plains culture, living on the Great Plains and entirely dependent on horses for hunting, growing no crops of any kind.The Teton Sioux tribes are:OglalaBruleMinneconjouTwo KettlesHunkpapaSans ArcBlackfoot SiouxThe Blackfoot Sioux (who today live on the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations in South Dakota) have no connection at all with the Blackfoot tribe.

Did the Sioux live in the Plains?

The western tribes of Sioux were called tetonwan in the Lakota language - this means "dwellers on the Plains". From this comes the name "Teton Sioux", consisting of the following tribes:HunkpapaOglalaMinniconjouBruleTwo KettleSans Arcs (No Bows)Blackfoot Sioux

What envirment did the Sioux Indians live in?


In what region did the Sioux live in?

The Sioux Indians lived in North and South Dakota, with the surrounding areas of Canada. The Sioux Indians have a prosperous reservation in North Dakota.

What tools did the teton Sioux use to hunt with?

One hunting tactic of the Teton Sioux was that they would set controlled fires to drive buffalo off of cliffs or into traps.

Where do the Sioux live today?

The Sioux Indians live in the states of Montana, and North and South Dakota. They also live in Minnesota and Nebraska.

How did the teton Sioux govern themselves?

# they followed ther leaders

What tribes did Lewis and Clark meet?

The Teton Sioux and the Shoshone