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on Christmas Eve, they followed the norht star where Jesus was born and brought him gifts of frankensense, myrrh, and gold.

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Q: What did the three kings do?
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Who created three kings day?

the three kings created three kings day when they gave baby jesus presents

What countries did the three kings come from?

The three kings come trom persia

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What was the Psalm called which the three kings were in?

Psalm 40 had a tale of three Kings

What was the Production Budget for Three Kings?

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What were the presents of the three gifts of the three kings?

The three kings gave three gifts to the baby, they were gold, myrrh and frankincense.

How is three kings day celebrated?

three kings day is celebrated by honoring the kings who bought us baby jesus

What were the three kings names?

The Three Kings names were as followed : George, Henry, and Gregory

What is the day called when the three kings visit Jesus?

Three Kings day, or Epiphany.

Why is three kings day a special day?

because its the arrival of the three kings...... in France

When does three kings day start?

Three kings day was celebrated on january the 6th

Who are the three horses in the picture the three kings?

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How do they celebrate three kings day in panama?

Three Kings Day in Panama is celebrated by parades. Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th of each year.

Who was Not one of the three kings Caspar Balthazar Telost Melchior?

Telost was not one of the three kings.

Who where the first three kings of Israel?

The first three kings of Israel are Saul, David, and Solomon.

What were the names of the three kings of England in 1066?

edward william and harold were the three kings of 1066

Were the three kings really at the birth of Jesus?

From what history says, the three kings WERE at jesus's birth.

When was Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne created?

Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne was created in 1504.

Who were the three kings of the United Monarchy?

identify the three kings of the united monarchy and their major constributions:

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Three Kings grossed $107,752,036 worldwide.

What do puerto ricans wear on three kings day?

want do poeple were on three kings day

What gift did the three kings bring?

The three kings brought the infant Jesus three gifts -- Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Who were the three kings of israel?

There were three kings that were famous, but there were many kings both good and bad kings. The famous ones were King Saul, king David and king Solomon.

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