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What did they do to you in the Holocaust?


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November 27, 2012 1:04AM

True, but there's more to it Contributor...

1) Following the most common image of the Holocaust, you were sent to a ghetto where you were systematically starved in preparation for your death at a concentration camp. Once arrived, you were meant to starved, disease ridden, and exhausted...ready to die. For those who survived selection, work was to be carried out until death. Your head was shaved, a number tattooed onto your arm, and a single small bowl was given to you for your meal. If you lost it, you would soon starve to death. If you happened to die, your body would either be cremated, buried in a mass pit, or burned in a mass pit. For those who didn't survive selection, the gas chamber was inevitable. After they fell victim to the gas, their bodies were disposed of in either way as well.

2) Not following the most common image of the Holocaust, Nazi ghettos and concentration camps, you would most likely be put to death by special Nazi killing units, known as the Einsatzgruppen. The units killed an estimated 1.5 million people through massive shootings. Victims of the Einsatzgruppen were mainly from Eastern Europe, where many of those mentioned on Hitler's "inferior race list" lived at the time. Victims were forced to strip naked and stand in massive pits, where they were shot. Once the first layer of bodies had been laid down, other victims were forced to lay on top of the dead bodies and be shot. Though women and children were at first spared, they quickly became victims as well.