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What did women do in colonial Pennslyvania?

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From the history and study I made the women then has different kinds of life style. They still don't have the freedom of what we have now. Before women belongs to where their husband goes. They served their husband as wife supposed to be, now we can call it servant or maid but the strict of civilization then is much different to what we have now. Now us western women can have career, or even run a big company.

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What were the jobs of women in Colonial Pennslyvania?

Most women in colonial times, including Pennsylvania, cooked, made cloths, and took care of the family.

Were there colonial apothecary women?

Yes there was apothecary women in colonial times!!

Colonial women did not have this right-?

Colonial women couldn't vote or own property.

Were women allowed to vote in colonial America?

No women were not allowed to vote in colonial america

What did colonial women do for fun?

Back then colonial women read, and took long walks for fun.

What role did women play as a colonial homemaker ni the colonial times?

In colonial times, women weaved sewed, cooked, and tended to the children.

Women in colonial Delaware?

Women in colonial Delaware were not considered equal to men. Women at this time took care of the home and children.

What were the roles of the women in Colonial Maryland and Virginia?

Colonial women usual housekept. They also learned to trade.

Where was the first abolition society astablished?

The Old Rising Sun Tavern in Pennslyvania - The Pennslyvania Abolistion Society

What are geographic features of pennslyvania?

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Where is philidelphia located?

In Pennslyvania

How do you abbreviate pennslyvania?


What did colonial chefs wear?

The colonial women did the cooking. They wore dresses with aprons.

What chores did colonial women have to do?


Who made Colonial butter?


Colonial names for women?


Who did the cooking in colonial times?


What rights did a colonial women have?


Who are the us senators for pennslyvania?

Arlen Spector and Robert Casey Jr are the us senators for pennslyvania currently. and you smell

How many children did colonial women have?

In the South, colonial women had an average of 10-11 children to provide free labor on plantations.

What roles did women play in Colonial America?

Women in Colonial America typically played house wives. These women would take care of the children and cool the meals at home.

Why did William Penn start pennslyvania?

William Penn wanted people to have religious freedom too so he started Pennslyvania.:)

How are women unequal to men in colonial times?

Women were unequal to men in colonial times by way inferior legal rights, such as the right to vote

What is a colonial dressmaker?

A colonial dressmaker was kind of like a seamstress who made dresses for women.

What role did women play in colonial Delaware?

Women played a big role in farming in Colonial Delaware. Women were responsible for cultivating the crops as well as tending to their own homes and families.