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What did women wear during the Revolutionary war?

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they wore long poof dresses

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Women wear long gowns for special occasions.

Women were on both sides in the Revolutionary War.

Women were not in the Revolutionary War.

yes many women dressed up as men inthe revolutionary war

During the Revolutionary War, red.

The right that women were denied after the Revolutionary War was to vote. This was dispite the roles they took on during the war such as running family businesses or farms.

Women had a definite role to play during the Revolutionary War. Specifically, women were nurses, seamstresses, cooks, and maids. Some also even served as spies and soldiers.

women started to wear trousers during world war II

During the Revolutionary War, what did traitors do?

no women didn't fight in the revolutionary war. Correction: women did fight in the revolutionary war just not as women, a few women dressed as men and enlisted or took the place of their husbands after they died.

Women showed their Patriotism along side the men. An example of this is Molly Pitcher

the people of are nation named walden, john

During the American Revolutionary War, the British wore red uniforms.

No he did not portray during the Revolutionary War.

The patriots in the American revolutionary wore blue uniform. by tyra Powell from p.s37q

During the Revolutionary war there were two sides the

Women were expected to take an active, non military role in the Revolution

The women wore skirts to their knees and leather jackets. The women were required to wear these close by Stalin.

There were 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War, they became the original 13 United States of America.

Abigail Adams was important during the Revolutionary War because she encouraged women to help the men during the war.

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