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Sinking civilian ships without warning (un-restricted submarine warfare).

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Q: What did you-boats have to do with the US entering World War 1?
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What were effects of the us entering World War 2?

The war was now a WORLD war.

How was the US justified in entering world war 2?

They were attacked on US soil.

What are some of the disadvantages from the US entering World War 2?

There are several disadvantages to the US entering World War II. The most serious concerns were that there would be many casualties and that the economic cost of the war would be enormous.

What country was responsible for the US entering World War 1?

The US itself was responsible for its decision to enter the war.

Could the US have avoided entering World War 1?


What party opposed the US entering world war 1?

the pacifists

What factors led to the US entering world war 1?

they guns

How did the world react to the US entering the Korean War?

The World, in the form of the United Nations, sent the US to Korea.

Why is the us entering world war 2 so important?

The U.S. entering world war 2 is so important because it lead to Germany being defeated again.

What was the reason for United States entering World War 2?

The US was attacked.

What event spark the us into entering world war 2?

Pearl Harbour

What position did the US hold before entering world war 1?


What country did the us help before entering world war 2?


Why was us neutral about entering world war 1?

because were idiots son!

Which US reprsentative said no to the us entering World War 2?

Jeannette Rankin - she voted no in both World Wars .

Why did US hesitated about entering world war 2?

Because it didn't want to enter a European war

Cause of the US entering World War 1?

Sinking of the U.S. vessel the Lusitania

Why the US Delay Entering World War 1?

The US felt Europe should handle Europe's problem.

Which strategy did the US adopt upon entering World War 2?

for plato users its NOT c

What did the US do before entering World War 2?

they built a big and successful navy/army before goting to war

What did the us do in the result of the attack on pearl harbor in world war 2?

Declared war with Japan, effectively entering them into WWII.

After entering World War 2 what happened to Japanese Americans?

They were relocated by the US gov to camps called war relocation camps.

What were the reasons of the US entering the Vietnam War?

Cold war.

What German letter angered the US and pushed her closer to entering World War 1?

The Zimmerman telegram

Policies kept the US from entering World War 1 in its first three years?

isolationism and neutrality