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What diet sodas have Splenda?


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Not a lot of diet sodas use Splenda. If I am correct, I would say none do other than diet coke with splenda and pepsi one. Diet soda usually uses something called aspartame and can cause headaches and brain cancer over a very long period of use.

Also, If you're looking to lose weight by drinking diet soda, I wouldn't unless you're limiting what you eat, other wise the lack of real sugar will cause you to eat different fatty foods.


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diet rite, diet coke with splenda (yellow striped cans), and pepsi one.

Aspertame is a very unhealthy sweetner used instead of sugar (such as Splenda and Sweet and Low) found in diet food and drink such as diet sodas. Aspertame is an artificial sweetenert

Diet sodas are made with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame, which are indigestible and thus are passed right through the body without providing energy.

They React more with diet sodas because diet sodas have more gas than the regular sodas do.

Yes, there are. RC Cola has a diet cola that uses sucralose. There is also a Coca Cola (yellow label) that uses splenda.

No, actually some diet sodas have more caffeine. The difference between diet sodas and regular is the difference in sweeteners.

Diet Coke with Splenda does not.

Some Diet Coke Products are made with Splenda but you will see it on the label. Otherwise, they are made with aspartame.

Most diet sodas have either one or zero calories, but some have a few.

diet sodas have less carbonation than regular sodas. hope this was helpful

The word diet means a particular selection in terms of qualities to regulate the composition and effect to ones health. In terms of soda, it would only suggest that the alternative to a regular soda has cut portions or a substituted ingredients. Diet sodas are not actually diet as consumers may presume. You can gain weight on diet sodas just as you can with regular sodas. A person who wants to be on a diet avoids sodas all together.

Sodas do not contain any fat to begin with. The difference between regular sodas and diet sodas is the sweeteners used, because the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas lower the calorie count of the drink. However, many of those artificial sweeteners have adverse effects, and are often thought to be carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)

It would only do it if it was regular sodas

Because of the Splenda Sugary taste.

Yes. Coca-cola makes a diet cola with Splenda.

A lot of people claim that drinking diet sodas give you the craving for real sodas but this is not true in my opinion. I've dieted in the past and really, really crave for a coke and want to give in then just go for the diet one because it isn't loaded with sugars. The only downside of these diet sodas are the very high amounts chemicals in it. But if you're on a diet and you had been given the choice between a diet coke or a regular coke then go for the diet coke. Remember; Water > diet > regular

No, in fact, I don't think either sodas or nay kind of sodas can help teeth.

No. The only sweetener allowed is Stevia.

Non-diet sodas have lots of carbs. For example, 39g of carbs for one can of Coke.

Diet soda uses sweetening such as splenda, as opposed to using real sugar.

Yes. Diet sodas that do not contain sugar are fizzier than sugared sodas.

Depends on which soda you drink but mostly all sodas have caffeine in them. Ex) • Diet/Cola • Diet/Pepsi • Creme Soda • Dr. Pepper • Ect..

I believe that diet sodas are higher carbonated than regular sodas. The reason for this is that the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks have somewhat of a bitter aftertaste and they are "masked" by having the drink be more carbonated. This also goes for high caffeinated sodas, like Pepsi Max is both diet and highly caffeinated, so I find it to be very fizzy!

Anything that has it listed as an ingredient...most diet sodas and other low-calorie diet foods.

zero..all diet sodas are 0 calories

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