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There are thousands of different dances, but the most popular ones used in the U.S by children and adults are:

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Ballet
  • Tap

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What types of dances did the Blackfoot have?

they have many different types of dances Powwows, Rain dances, Sun dances,War dances,Wedding dances, Happiness Dances. theres more but cant think of any more. Good Luck

What are the different types of Samoan dances?

The other different samoan dances include the mauluulu, the sasa, the faataupati, the taualuga and the siva afi.

Does choreographer's teach different types of dances?

Yes most do

What are the different Indian Dance?

There are 2 different types of Indian dances. They are Bollywood and Classisal. In classical dance, there are many types. Some examples of classical dances are Bharat Natyam, Kathak, and Kuchipuri. Bollywood dance doesn't have different types inside it.

How many types of dances are there?

There can be LOTS of different types of dances. Some people make their own, and some practice things like ballroom, tango etc.

How many different types of dances are preformed in the movie dirty dancing?

to many.

What type of aboriginal dances are there?

there are differnt types of Aboriginal dance. Different tribes have different cultural dances. In Australia there are over 250 different tribes and each one has there own style od dance.

How many different types of dances are there in the world and what are they?

i don't know it but i hope your looking for a long answer

What are the types of dances in Cuba?

The tango, Habanera, and conga are many types of dances done in Cuba.

How is Disco Music different from other dances?

they have different dances and lights

What are the classifications of folk dances and give examples?

Folk dances are classified into five types. They are festival dances, courtship dances, religious and ceremonial dances, occupational dances and national and regional dances.

What are 3 different types of dances?

hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, acro, ballet, and contemporary

Classification of folk dances?

There are 5 types of folk dances.These are..1. National and Regional Dances2. Occupational Dances3. Religious and Ceremonial Dances4. Courtship Dances[and]5. Festival Dances

What do all folk dances have in common?

All folk dances are types of dances, whether made recently or in the past.

What types of dances do people do in Bora Bora?

they do the hula and many more dances. They basically do the same dances that they do in Hawaii

What are the various classifications of folk dances?

There are 5 types of folk dances:1. National and Regional Dances2. Occupational Dances3. Religious and Ceremonial Dances4. Courtship Dances5. Festival Dances

What are the different types of dances?

Jazz hip hop tap ballet lyrical worship broadway bellydance samba

What are the different types of Hispanic dances?

bachata salsa merengue i cant think of anything else right now. ! :)

What kinds of dances do geisha's dance?

Geisha perform dances that are tell a beautiful story, it is a high art. A few of the dance names are Gion Kouta, Kyo no Shiki, Harusame, and Natsu wa Hotaru, but there are hundreds of different types of dances.

Tap lrish and ballet are all types of what?

types of dances

What are different types of folk dancing?

The different types of folk dancing includes: polka, Verbuňk, hora, and the Maypole dance. Folk dances also include: the barn dance and the morris dance.

How many types of dance is there in the world?

So far in the world there are 4956 different types of dances in the world but, it has been realised that there should be more dance types in the future and something this may mean that several dances could be joined together to make a single new style of grooving

What different types of dances and dance styles?

typesPop JazzRockTapEct.stylesRobotSprinlerRow the boatSprincerEct.

What is lively dance called?

There are many different dances that are considered to be lively dances. In music lively dances could be Gavotte dances.

How is the dance in chapter 7 different from the dances in the previous dances?

which book is it from?

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