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HELLO. THEY DON'T LAST VERY LONG. I'M SHOPPING NOW FOR A NEW ONE. MINE LASTED ABOUT 2 YEARS. THE BUBBLES BURST AND END UP IN THE WATER AFTER A COUPLE OF YEARS. I have had several bubble pool covers and have been generally happy with them. They raise the water temperature significantly; however, they only last 2 to 3 years. The ones with 12 mil thick plastic usually have a 5 yr limited warranty but my experience is they don't last any longer than the 8 mil thick covers (the bubbles break and you need to skim them off the surface), and it isn't worth trying to collect on the warranty. I prefer the 8 mil covers because they are much lighter, making them easy to wind onto and off the reel and to lift; but it seems most covers they sell now are 12 mil. The bubble solar covers have been a real headache. We have had 3 of them in 6 years and after the first year they start to degrade (even with a 3 or 5 year guarantee) The problem also exists when you replace them under warantee, it still costs the labor. I got a 15-mil from that has an EIGHT-year warranty. First two years is free replacement, after that it's graduated. I've had my 12 mil cover for 3 years now. It definitely can raise the temperature of the water and I have had no problems with mine so far. No bubbles have popped and no areas have torn. However, I have carefully cleaned, dried, and stored it out of the sunlight when it is not in use.


In addition the the last statement - the cover should have a protective cover over it once it is reeled on the the roller. Yes, covers are noted for not lasting beyond or to the warranty date. Other problems involved with bubble covers are abrasion while reeling the cover over the coping and too attaching the cover to the reel in a way as to facilitate a good even wind up and unrolling process. Another would be proper anchoring of the reel to the deck. This makes it extremely easier to roll and unroll especially for large covers. Leaving the rolled up cover in the sunlight even if covered will shorten the life of a cover.


The worst problem people have with bubble wrap covers is that if left on too long they cause green algae to take over the pool and embed in vinyl liners.

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Q: What difficulties have people had with bubble-type solar covers and reels for in-ground pools?
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